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X Servers - The Bringer of New Era of Mainframe Computing

by swethar

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The X server is specially made to handle critical situations in business scenarios. With the energy efficient designs, equipped with multiple cores, memory, and data storage facilities and the robust packaging technology make the various models of this series superbly useful, friendly, easily serviceable and manageable. The servers are available supporting a number of operating systems. Powered by the various versions of the Intel Xeon processors in different structures including rack, tower etc. These varieties are reflected in the prices of the devices also. The X series servers come in a range of price with varying quality and service options.

Depending on the models, the configurations of the X server are defined. For example the x3750 M4 model comes in a 2U body whereas x3550 M4 models come in a 1U body. They have differences in performance too. While the first one can support up to 4 cores and powered by Intel Xeon E5-4600, the later one is processed with Intel Xeon E5-2600 model. However x3650 M4 is comparable with x3550 M4 from the standpoint of hardware configuration. Barring the server configurations, the software and technology integrated with each of the server models are comparable. Most of the servers have Integrated Management Module that helps in checking for the server availability. There is also Unified Extensible Firmware Interface, viable with the industry demand for improved setup, configuration and update mechanisms.

The integrated Trusted Platform Module embedded with most of the models of the X server, enables the device with advanced cryptographic performances including digital signature and remote attestation. Encryption mechanisms are more advanced in this series of servers. This series of servers are also cost and performance efficiencies. Intel Execute Disable Bit Functionality in many of the models helps to prevent from definite classes of malevolent buffer overflow harasses when attached with supporting OS. Energy efficiency is a key feature of the X series servers. Most of the servers are powered by the Intel Xeon series processors, which themselves are less energy consuming. Moreover the use of low voltage RAMs, SSDs, HDDs has enabled the devices to work in a less energy mode while increasing the performance superiority. With intelligent cooling technologies embodied with the designs of most of the machines, the longevity has been improved.

Moreover, built in diagnostic methods have been optimized in these server systems. Dynamic Systems Analysis preboots speeds up troubleshooting tasks to reduce service time. In many of the models the manufacturer gives an on-site warranty period of 3 years with replaceable units.


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