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Vinyl Siding: Keep It Clean

by novasparks101

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You trim your hair when you start looking untidy because of its length. You sweep the yard when leaves start falling off from branches of trees. You go back to the gym upon realizing you are starting to gain weight again. Aren’t some of the things I mentioned familiar to you? Exactly. These are natural wake-up calls for people before finally saying yes to change. Feeling the need to look good is just pretty normal. Even the exterior of homes isn’t an exception. Take a look at its façade? The roof is okay. The gutters are functioning well. The Windows still look great, but don’t you think it is time to clean up the vinyl siding?

It’s impossible not to notice it since it covers majority of your house’s exterior. Molds, mildews and dirt are starting to develop in your vinyl sidings. While some parts are darkening up, other areas start to become uneven. It must be cleaned right away, or when delayed, you will or you might suffer the consequences! However, similar to all other kinds of beautifications, there will sometimes be side effects, especially along the process. These side effects are inevitable – whether they affect the sidings directly or not. Learn from the following steps and take them into consideration when you do your own cleaning!

Keep it open

Keep toys or furniture away from the vinyl sidings. You might be happy with the cleaning result afterwards, but you’d be disappointed with the state of the mentioned things after the clean up. You don’t want to stick yourself in a crowded corner. Remove the unnecessary things in the area, and give yourself some space.

Keep it safe

Also, be cautious of light fixtures. As much as possible, make sure you switch such lamps off to avoid electrocution – especially that you’ll be needing water in the cleaning process. You can’t take a risk like this. Consider yourself warned.
Keep it exact

What causes those dark spots in your vinyl sidings? To be honest, it doesn’t only make your house look ugly, but stinky as well. I mean, where else would bad smell come from? Dirt, molds and mildews could give your sidings that musty smell. You know what I’m talking about, right? The more reasons you have to clean it all up. However, despite your desire to make it look clean and vibrant, you fail to do so because of the unmatched solution you have applied to the surface. Of course, you can escape your way from rotten sidings because you are using plastic, but wrong solution mixing can intensify discoloration. It is advisable that you buy a ready-made solution, or you make sure you use a solution containing the following: 1 part bleach and 6 parts water.

Keep it comfortable

You actually have two options to clean up your vinyl sidings! Either you use a power washer or a bucket and a cloth. Whichever is comfortable for you, electrical or manual, it’s up to you. The important thing is you are comfortable with what you do, and you enjoy it, nonetheless.

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