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The importance and need of DWI Attorney Houston

by advinrosa

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Avoid drunken driving. Have a peaceful life.

Houston and in fact the state of Texas have very strict laws when you are charged with DWI or DUI offense. DWI means drinking while intoxicated and DUI means driving under intoxication. Intoxication could mean either alcohol or drugs. In case you are caught by the police start thinking of all the lawyers that you may know. You would need a DWI attorney Houston at the earliest. In case you are arrested get your family to search for an experienced and well known lawyer. You can find them by

• Visiting Law firms spread in the city and its suburbs

• Checking online or yellow pages

• Asking friends and relatives.

• Check with your company lawyer. Being in the same profession they could recommend good DWI attorneys.

The DWI attorney Houston, you appoint should be well experienced in handling these cases. Ensure the case is handled personally by the one you appoint. Many times, due to busy schedules, they send their assistants or sub ordinates who are not all that experienced. It could affect your case very badly.

How DWI can affect you:

In case you are convicted with DWI you could

1. Loose your driving license

2. be arrested for a period of one year

3. if the offence is second or third time, imprisonment is mandatory

4. have to do 50 hours community service

5. undergo treatment by attending counseling and AA meetings

6. if you are a doctor, you may lose your license to practice

7. if you are not a US citizen you could be deported

8. Most important you will have a permanent criminal record.

9. It could affect your insurance too. The company may raise
premium or reduce the coverage. They may refuse you insurance too.

You as a layman will not be aware of the loopholes in the laws and clauses by which the police charge and arrest you. The dwi attorney houston job is to fight such cases daily. He is aware of all the possible options that he has while arguing each charge that his client has been accused of. He can also try to get all charges overruled by pointing out the deficiencies that are there in the method of doing the tests. The lawyers can help by getting the punishments reduced with lesser penalties.

The DWI rules and the law enforcement officers are becoming stricter. They have been appreciated because this has reduced accidents thereby reducing fatalities.

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