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Traffic Safety Comes First For All of Us

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Humans alone cannot work like machines. In the present context, machines have become best friend of humans. Earlier there was not much work done by the machines and they were not used that much. But, today, in almost every work machines help us to do our work in just few minutes time. If we talk about the automobiles, then the bumpers are without doubt playing important role in helping us to great extent.

Do you know, what is a bumper? It is the front most section, the part that is specially designed to allow the vehicle; specifically the car to bear any kind of impact without any type of damage to the safety systems of the vehicle. These road safety products are not that much difficult in lessening the injury to the occupants of the vehicle, in high speed impacts. But gradually with time they are being designed to lessen injury to the pedestrians struck by the cars.

Traffic safety comes first thus one must not ignore its uses and applications. It's given below.

Uses and Applications

  • Molded dock bumpers gives full and immaculate protection for any type of low traffic truck dock. These molded bumpers make large in – plant wall protection from the forklifts and other material that handles vehicles.


  • Make use of molded bumpers for a clean, neat, attractive dock area that is in one piece. They are not wrapped, rust, harden or rot.

Compact size

  • They are constructed in such a way with Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) polyethylene settled into reinforced molded rubber.

Material and its Thickness

  • Made from fiber reinforced prime rubber comprising nylon and polyester
  • They are available in replicas varying in thickness from 2" to 6"
  • All bumpers have power recovery around 95% with a durometer reading
  • All of the replicas have pre-drilled, countersunk intensifying holes for easy installation, and are drilled to accept up to anchor bolts.

There is the availability of different types of bumpers, such as in dock bumpers also there are laminated ones that are really essential. Each of them has got different features. For instance; they have got sturdy plies of truck tire material, which virtually removes chipping or scratch, unlike shaped rubber, extruded rubber, conveyor (transport) belting or wood plank bumpers. They are available in attractive deep black color. It enhances a neat, specialized architectural look. The anchor bolts are protected by at least 3" of rubber to prevent any kind of damage. Plastic Safety Barriers too are major factors of your safety thus apply them without ignoring their measures.

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