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Helpful tips that you can use to prevent insomnia

by anonymous

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Have you ever wondered how you can really prevent insomnia? This is because insomnia is a terrible illness that deprives you of energy everyday if it is not prevented. This is why I have written today. I would like to show you a few helpful tips that you can use to prevent your insomnia once and for all.


These are the helpful tips:

  • If you tend to wake between 3 and 5 am, you might be suffering from adrenal exhaustion and stress.
  • The pineal gland can be affected by electromagnetic fields, so avoid using your mobile phone in the evening.
  • Stop smoking. Nicotine is a stimulant and has been linked to many sleep problems. In one recent study, smokers were more likely to report problems falling and staying asleep compared to non-smokers.
  • Regular exercise aids sleep and if you have had a particularly stressful day, whereby you are making lots of adrenalin, I would suggest that you go for an evening walk to help use up the adrenalin or else you may lie awake for many hours when you tried to sleep!
  • Natural sunlight helps you to make serotonin and thus melatonin – which aids sleep.
  • Go to bed at a regular time each night. If you want to look younger, make it around 10pm as the two hours of sleep before midnight is truly anti-ageing. Our systems, particularly the adrenal glands, recharge and recover between 11am and 1am.
  • Don’t watch violent or thought-provoking TV and movies before bed, and don’t take work to bed. Read a novel that completely takes you mind away from the day’s events.
  • If anything is on your mind, write it down and deal with it in the morning. Keep a notepad by your bedside.
  • The darker the bedroom lighting, the more melatonin you will produce, which helps you to stay younger longer.
  • For people who need to work odd hours or women with young babies, try catnaps, or power naps as they are now called, which can be really refreshing.
  • If your feet are cold, it’s virtually impossible to sleep, so wear socks in bed or have a lot of water bottles to warm your feet. Thermoregulation – the body’s heat distribution system – is strongly linked to sleep cycles. Even lying down increases sleepiness by redistributing heat in the body.
  • Treat yourself to a massage using essential oils of lavender, marjoram, rosewood or sandalwood, add a few drops of any/or a combination of these oils to almond or jojoba oil and massage around your neck, back and shoulders to help relax your body and aid you in natural sleep.


I hope that these tips are of use to you in helping you prevent your insomnia from acting again during the night. If you have any more questions about insomnia, do read my other writings as I have described more in-depth details about insomnia and sleeping disorders.


Ethan Chong is a sleep expert who has been training and teaching people professionally on how to cure and treat their sleep disorders easily and instantly. Have a question related to sleep insomnia? Ask Ethan Chong at The author grants full reprint rights to this article. You may reprint and electronically distribute this article so long as its contents remain unchanged and the author’s byline remains in place.

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