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Ear warmer consistently high performances

by aljonalvarez

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Ear warmers are basically coverings for the ears to block out the cold, wind or noise. They provide protection in cold weather and thus enable the individual to carry out his daily outdoor activities unhindered by the elements. Out of all the brands available, the 180 ear warmer is one of the best as it has consistently proved its superior quality and efficacy. It can be considered the pioneer of the headphone style ear warmer which is so very much in demand by customers.


Ear warmers can fit over the top or the back of the head and they have pads at each end to provide covering to the ears. Thermal warmers keep the ears warm with cloth or fur pads. For a more luxurious feel, the 180 ear warmer of cashmere is perfect to keep the chill out. Cashmere is extremely soft and warm yet is also very durable and will last for many seasons if kept properly. There are also some 180 ear warmers which are great for athletic activities. So, whether you are training for a marathon in the dead of winter or simply relaxing on the ski slopes, these warmers with extra insulation, soft lining and polyester shell keep your ears dry and warm. The daily wear 180 ear warmer will ensure that you do not miss out on your favourite winter outdoor activity as it is supremely comfortable and will not chafe or cut into the skin even if you are wearing it the whole day.


Pioneers of the headphone style ear warmers, the 180 ear warmer is worn behind the head which helps not only in keeping your ears comfortably warm but also does not mess up your hair. It is especially great for one of those cold, windy days as it helps to keep the hair out of your face. This is also very useful when you are taking part in any sporting activity when hair getting into your face or eyes can be annoying. Easily worn over earrings, earphones or glasses, the 180 ear warmer fits comfortably under helmets or hats also. The ones with the stereo attached provide the extra boon of music which means that you can even enjoy music whilst running, walking or simply doing your daily errands.


The 180 ear warmer stays securely in place ensuring that you can carry out the most strenuous of activity without the bother of fiddling with your ear warmer constantly. It comes in men, women and unisex designs and in various sizes. The women’s collection tends to have more designs and colours and also cost more than the men’s. Some models of 180 ear warmer come with flexible frames which are designed to expand and contract according to the size of the head.


Due to its unique features and consistently high quality, the 180 ear warmer has retained its top position in the ear warmers market.


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