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A Dozen Secrets to Flawless (and Varicose Vein-Free) Legs

by ambersmith

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All girls will adore to have flawless legs. They make them look more attractive. However, it is difficult to have them. It requires ongoing care. It should have been a simple work if their moms paid attention to their legs from the day they were born. If you are one of them who desire spotless - and varicose vein-free - legs, you will need to try most of these helpful suggestions, which include visiting your dermatologist for likely varicose vein treatment.

1. Shave your legs whenever necessary. Go to a salon for hair removal or waxing. If you prefer it, you can shave your legs on your own. With the amount of exceptional products available today, this should be very easy. Some choose to shave their legs during nighttime to give their legs the opportunity to “wake up”.

2. Try to be careful when walking to avoid falling over. You may injure your legs and make you have scars or bruises.

3. Complete exercises to help you obtain shapely legs. Basic leg exercises are jumping rope, running, jogging, walking and stair climbing but if you want something more serious, visit the gym.

4. Make it a routine to apply lotion on your legs. This will help to soften and smoothen your skin.

5. Should you have varicose veins, go to your dermatologist to have it checked. He will assess it physically. If needed, he will ask for an x-ray. After all the tests, he will provide you with the necessary varicose vein treatment for you.

6. As much as you can, avoid wearing shoes with high heels. They put strain on your ankles and legs, which cause varicose veins. It's possible you'll wear them, however, during special occasions.

7. Sit without the need of crossing your legs. If you can’t sit with your two feet coming in contact with the floor, you may give some thought to crossing your ankles as a substitute.

8. Avoid wearing tight-fitting pants because they control the circulation of blood in your veins thereby causing you to have spider or varicose veins.

9. Lift up your legs as you sleep or rest. See to it that it is six to eight inches higher than your heart to enhance blood circulation.

10. Treat yourself with leg massage every so often. You should get the pressure out of the veins.

11. Watch your food intake. Stick to a strict low-salt, low-fat diet. Salt results in water retention thereby placing pressure on your veins.

12. Apply airbrush. Look for a color that most closely fits your skin tone. Get started from your feet then up. Soon after, rub shimmer lotion on your legs. Tend not to wear your clothes yet. Wait for 15 minutes.

Oh, how you love to have flawless and varicose vein-free legs but your mom never paid so much attention to it when you were young; hence, you’ve got some little scars. You are also too occupied with work and unmindful of some of your lifestyle routines that you have varicose veins. Do not worry. It is never too late. You will have the perfect legs you want in basic steps mentioned previously. Enjoy doing the secrets!


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