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Kassa-Mutual Fund In India

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A Common Finance is a believe in that regularly the benefits of a wide range of investors who discuss a frequent cost-effective ambitions. The cash thus soothing is then spent in cost-effective dedication market devices such as stocks, debentures and other cost-effective dedication opportunities. The income obtained through these cost-effective dedication opportunities and the cost-effective dedication enjoyment noticed are allocated by its system entrepreneurs in amount to the comprehensive wide range of designs managed by them. Thus a Common Finance is the most appropriate inexpensive to run dedication for the most popular man as it provides an probability to acquire a different, professionally managed bag of cost-effective dedication opportunities at a somewhat low cost. The flow visible representation below describes usually the important of a Mutual fund:

Kassa is an AMFI registerd cost-effective dedication consultant, operating on aggressive growth-equity cost-effective dedication advisory services for individually IPO and traditional resources. With functions going coming back to 1995, Kassa completely adhere to a essential, bottom-up cost-effective dedication process in search of an aggressive growth-equity factor to enhance their portfolio's come back prospective.


 Net Source Value (NAV)

Net Source Value is the market value of the resources of the strategy less its responsibilities. The per system NAV is the net resource value of the strategy divided by the comprehensive wide range of designs outstanding on the Evaluation Time frame.

 Selling Price

Is the cost you pay when you buy a strategy. Also known as Offer Price. It may consist of a income finish.

 Repurchase Price

Is the cost at which designs under open-ended methods are repurchased by the Common Finance. Such expenses are NAV appropriate.

 Benefit Price

Is the cost at which close-ended methods get their designs on maturity. Such expenses are NAV appropriate.

Is a cost collected by a strategy when it buys coming back the designs from it entrepreneurs.

"Contribute significantly to India’s Share in the Global Financial Services Industry” by enhancing the economic wealth of our clients and associates through our products, services and support." 

The vision of Kassa is to be the Leader in financial Services with specialization in Financial R&D.

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