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Dairy Cows: Cow Facts (Sudia)

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Dairy cows are treated with respect and receive excellent care every day from their farmers. Dairy farmers work hard to provide the best possible living conditions for the cows in order to obtain the best possible dairy products for you and your family. Dairy farmers care for their cows by providing a nutritious diet and healthy living conditions. Dairy cows are monitored and managed by multiple generation dairy farmers with vast and expert knowledge on how to properly care for their cows.


Dairy Cow Facts

Dairy farmers describe how their cows are cared for. Here are some facts about dairy cows:

  • Land care is highly maintained and preserved.
  • Silage crops are skillfully and tactfully managed.
  • Cow bedding is constantly cleaned and well-maintained.
  • Cow diets are expertly prepared by animal nutritionists.
  • A cow can produce 8 gallons of milk per day which is equivalent to 125 glasses of milk.

Using only the best quality nutrition’s and the latest techniques, dairy cows get the highest level of quality treatment to ensure that the best products are produced.


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