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Common Problems with Asphalt Roofing

by daniellebailey

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In Connecticut, many families make the most out of the sunny weather by picking strawberries in farms. Yet strawberries have taken a big hit year as heavy rains in mid-June have rendered these delectable fruits vulnerable to fungus and rot. Local residents can therefore expect this year's strawberry season to be short and sweet.

Strawberries, however, are not the only things affected by heavy rains in the city. Aging roofs, for instance, are also quite vulnerable to damage. For a thorough roof inspection and damage assessment, it is thus considered wise for homeowners to get in touch with reliable Connecticut roofing contractors following continuously heavy rains or any other extreme weather condition.

Out of all the roofing options currently popular, most homeowners typically pick budget-friendly and easy-to-install asphalt roofing shingles that require lower labor costs. However, days of heavy rain can leave asphalt roofing shingles damp and moist, particularly when these lie under the shade of overhanging trees or adjacent structures. When shingles don't dry out completely, they're likely to succumb to rot and water damage.

Small areas with rotting asphalt shingles repairs require urgent attention. After all, if the affected area becomes even larger, the entire roof may soon need to be replaced. If the problem persists, the rot will eventually affect the underlying layers and structures, thus precipitating even bigger replacement costs.

Damp and moist shingles are also prone to algae growth. Unsightly black stains usually give this problem away, so don't hesitate to act the moment you detect these signs. Algae growth may have no direct effect on asphalt shingles per se, but it can diminish your property's resale value. To boost your home's resale value and curb appeal, you may want to call on professional roofers for safe and thorough cleaning.

When it comes to roofing upkeep, every homeowner must keep in mind that failing to fix or replace seemingly minor damage may eventually lead to more costly problems. Once you've taken care of your roofing concerns, you can then look into other home improvement projects such as CT replacement windows or siding. For more information, visit

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