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Design Wedding Cards – We are there

by AditiRoy

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Wedding is a special ceremony where two different individuals take an oath being together for rest of their life. It is a very special occasion for both the bride and groom’s family. Wedding is a ceremony which always there in our dreams. To make this beautiful occasiona success we spend time and effort and are always crave to make this particular day one of the most memorable day in our life. The preparation involves two stems planning and invitation. Out of these four steps planning starts almost a year before the ceremony. Mutual talks between both the families are being held. Then the day is for the wedding is decided.

As said above, wedding is a very special occasion. So to make this occasion a memorable one, relatives and loved ones are invited. The best way of invitation used is through cards. A wedding invitation is a letter addressing the invitee written in a formal to way asking him to attend the wedding and is mailed 2 month before the wedding. The only obligation of the person receiving the invitation is to respond to it, as quickly as sensibly probable, to let the hosts know the recipient would be able to attend. On the recipient’s stationery the response is written, followed by the form of the invitation. The Pre-printed, pre-addressed, pre-stamped response cards are mostly sent in a optimism that  encourage a larger amount of invited people to respond to the invitation sent.Totaling to the invitation vendors endorse a full display of optional printed materials. The collaborative might comprise an RSVP reply card, a distinct invite to a wedding reception, and infos such as maps, directions, babysitting options, and hotel lodgings.So we at Dream Wedding Cards offer you a variety of options for inviting your near and dear ones.Keeping in mind the variety of clients ranging from different religious background we also have options open for them. We have one of most exotic design which areobtainable at varieties of colors with stunning looks. These cards are completely personalized unique and memorable offers. We at Dream wedding card offer various invitations for various religions. Namely Hindu wedding, Sikh wedding, Jewish wedding, Christian wedding and Muslim Wedding. We also have an option for Multifaith Wedding Invitations. Unbelievable offers are there at discounted rates.Bulk printing rates of 50% is also available. This unbelievable offer also includes printing custom invitation text on two inserts, bride & groom name, and date of wedding and return address in single colour on envelope. Font style and ink colour can be personalized by the client on request. On prints of more than 150 cards 10% additional discount be availed and the price of card should be more than USD 0.70.Additionallyfree Envelope seals on every bulk order (more than 100 cards) are provided.

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