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Web Marketing Experts Stress Need for User-friendly Interfac

by kristofermcginty

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An SEO company's primary goal is to make small business websites rank higher in search results than their business contemporaries. But the trusted web marketing experts that make up the industry have other goals, as well. One of these is to create a wonderful user experience for anyone who visits your company website.

Your website may rank high in search results but that doesn't automatically mean people will purchase the goods and services you offer. If they have difficulty navigating your site, cannot find merchandise, or cannot load the images from your site, then people will likely stay away from your business, regardless of where it sits in search rankings.

Sometimes web developers tend to forget to put in the most important things in the right places—like an “Order Now” button that's not placed in a prominent position or lost in a sea of cutesy graphics. “Good web design is all about the user,” says Web Design Ledger's Luke Clum. He adds that the three important components of a user-friendly website are suitability, speed and clarity.

Suitability in a website is achieved when interesting designs are created by working around a layout that is appropriate for the type of business it promotes and not the other way around. Speed on the other hand refers to the time needed for a site to load. (This is sometimes overlooked by web designers because they want to impress clients with coding tricks and flash content, overloading the with features that lead to lag.)

Compromising speed for form is an avoidable mistake that gets committed even by websites of major corporations. If for your reliable small business online marketing is the norm, keep this in mind: studies show that 30 percent of customers abandon a website if it does not load within five seconds. However, an excellent website doesn't have to be dry and boring to have its contents load immediately.

Lastly, Clum lists clarity, which to him is necessary because people adjust with the interface from website to website. Sticking to conventions such as a sign-up and login buttons at the top corner, plus options to comment and share at the end of each article will give site visitors a sense of familiarity while allowing them to check out other features as well. See this article for more web design tips:


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