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Buy Hand Held Bidets at Cheap Price and Upgrade Your Toilet

by jeassonlens

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With minimum budget and initiative, a toilet can be made more hygienic and safe using a hand held bidet. Traditionally people in many parts of the US have been using toilet paper but it is high time to think about other alternatives for a safer toilet habit. Bidets, originated in France spray water and eliminate the use of toilet paper. They are coming in different types and sizes; the most sophisticated bidet comes with full automatic controls but with a little higher cost. The bidet sprayer is cheap and it can do the same function of spraying water but without electronic controls. It is manually held with the hand and allowed to rest on the holder made for it.

The BIDET4ME Hand Held Bidet:

     The BIDET4ME HB-25 and HB-28 hand held bidet are both rank top quality toilet attachment that can be connected to most of the toilets in US and other countries. It consists of a quality spray head, spray hose, brass valve, T-adaptor, wall mount hanger and nuts. It comes with a DIY installation kit that helps the customer to attach easily without the help of a plumbing technician. The sprayer is pointed towards the bottom instead of straight enabling water to reach any hidden area.

     At Amazon, this quality product is available at very low price. The price of the value pack is within $50 (MSRP $99.99) and it can be shipped anywhere in US free. The bidet comes with one year manufacture limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

Why Hand Held Bidets are Important to Your Toilet?

     The best advantage is that it can totally eliminate the use of toilet papers which always form as an environmental waste. The water cleaning habit is more hygienic and most people all around the world use water for anal cleaning after bowel movement. The manual use of this accessory does almost all the functions of a sophisticated remote controlled bidet seat at a fraction of the cost. This can be used regardless of age and sex of the individuals. Also those suffering from anal diseases find it handy to use it in a toilet.

     The BIDET4ME HB-25 and HB-28 hand held bidet are both marketed by They have been marketing bidet seats and toilet accessories all over the world. Now it is available for a very competitive price plus free shipping within USA.  Check today from our authorize resellers,,,, and many others…

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