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Indianapolis Concrete Driveway Contractors Are Expert

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In Indianapolis concrete driveway contractors offer designer stamped and stenciled driveways to create exotic exteriors for houses.

A driveway is the path in front of the house on which cars drive the passengers near the doorstep. Concrete driveways last a lifetime somewhere close to 30 years with little or no maintenance. Hence they are cost effective compared to asphalt driveways. The concrete mix should be 4000 psi with 6% air-entrainment. Using water reducing admixture lowers water to cement ratio below 0.45. A minimum of 4” thick driveway is recommended. Thickness is the major factor that determines the structural capacity of concrete driveway. By increasing the thickness by 1 inch adds to 20% cost of construction. But the additional 1” concrete adds to 50% of load carrying capacity of the drive way. In Indianapolis contractors understand customer’s needs and assess the project scope to offer free estimates.

Concrete adds sleek look to home exteriors and smooth polish to driveways. There are some other pointers before re-surfacing. The average cost per square foot will vary from $4 to $8 depending on the site condition and preparation. Concrete driveway is easy maintenance where sweeping and pressure washing is good enough with some chemicals used to remove oil or tire marks. To add design and style it can be stamped or colored or poured into eye catching patterns. The contractors understand that concrete expands and contracts in extreme weather conditions, hence they are laid in large square slabs to reduce occasions of cracking.

The best part of concrete driveways is there is no scope for potholes and it takes long years of usage before and cracks appear. Concrete is a long lasting material and the pesky task of stain removal is part of maintenance project. Concrete can get really hot and very cold in winter due to its light color. Homes look great with these light colored concrete driveway that lead to the garage. It is aesthetically pleasing as it matches the house nicely. The attention grabber feature of concrete is that it can be stained with any color and add character and warmth to the home exterior. It is a known fact that shoveling snow from concrete driveway is much easier than removing it from gravel or pavers.

With indianapolis concrete driveway resurfacing is not an option. After many years of usage concrete may start cracking and look unsightly only if it is poured incorrectly. Contractors cannot do cosmetic repair work on them. The only method is to remove the old and replace it with a new driveway by overhauling and pouring new concrete. If the driveway spans across a large yard, asphalt or gravel driveway is a better choice of material than concrete. Concrete is susceptible to oil and tire marks and calls for special stain remover. Concrete is impermeable hence it reduces infiltration and groundwater recharging. It also causes water pollution as oil stains wash off into the neighboring sewer. In Indianapolis experienced concrete contractors work efficiently to create designer driveways to enhance exterior landscaping.

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