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PHP Development for Quality Web Applications

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When you see a dynamic website, the first thing that comes to your mind is PHP. It is almost the lifeline of dynamic websites wherein repeated sending and receipt of data to and from the database is required. In case of other platforms, the websites tend to become heavy consuming lots of time for loading and refreshing, but PHP mitigates the probability of such issues enabling websites to perform smoothly. PHP application development has become so popular that currently there are 20 million or more domains utilizing PHP. These include Facebook Wikipedia and other well recognized sites. Here we will discuss what triggers the popularity of PHP and how developers can make optimal use of PHP applications.

Benefits of PHP

  • Open Source: Since this programming language is open source, PHP application development becomes highly cost-effective. Backing by a large population of PHP developers is also available and there is continuous strengthening of the platform by means of updates and responses to queries by other developers.

  • Convenient Integration: It is possible to merge a third party application across a PHP-oriented website in a hassle-free manner. PHP offers seamless integration for a number of open source CMS (Content Management System) such as Magento, OsCommerce, Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal and more.

  • Cross Browser or Cross Platform Compatibility: PHP application development paves room for convenient database creation. Support is provided for various databases such as MS Access, Sybase, MySQL, Oracle, SQL server and PosterSQL. PHP is one of the best options for cross platform applications, since it lends support to key operating systems like Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.

  • SEO Friendly Development: PHP development provides easy optimization of your site for search engines. A dynamic website leveraging PHP development is perhaps the best option for getting high search engine rankings.

  • Ease of Customization: There are many platforms for web application development which come with their own limitations while suiting to client’s needs. PHP applications score in this respect as they can be easily manipulated to meet client requirements.

Once utilized with efficiency, PHP application development becomes the best option for enterprise solutions, shopping carts, social networking sites, CRM and so on.

Tips for optimal use of PHP applications

  • Make use of PHP Core Functions: Functions that are already there need not be created again, because it calls for some effort on the part of the developer to create functions from scratch. The existing functions can always be utilized. Moreover, when there is an existing function to carry out a particular task, you need not go for building RSS feeds or XML parser.

  • Generate a Configuration File: Settings for database connections should be appropriately organized in a single master file which would put the settings in a nutshell and can be directly utilized within PHP scripts. Any modification can be done in the same file which is of immense help if manifold functions and constants are used across the entire script.

  • Sanitize Data: In order to sanitize the database inputs and safeguard the code from any kind of compromises, SQL injections need to be used. One should be continuously alert and aware about SQL injection attacks. There are a few significant functions that can aid the protection of your database as well as your site from XSS (cross-site scripting) attacks.

  • Turn on Error reporting: Error reporting should be turned on for ensuring a good view of any run-time errors as well as for tracking and identifying the error source. This is a very important feature, especially when development is in progress.

  • Do Not Over-Comment: It is indeed necessary to properly document the code with the help of comment, but do refrain from any kind of over-commenting. You may use commenting for the complicated sections. Make your coding self-explanatory with the proper naming convention. In this way you can do away with unnecessary comments.

Thus we see that PHP offers a world of benefits and through optimal use of PHP applications, developers can indeed create wonders! Take advantage of PHP development India and hire developers after checking their credentials.

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