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All about Gum Diseases: Signs, Types and Treatments

by henrytyler

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You believe that you have gum disease but you are confused. Should you visit your dentist in Chandler?

You've got gum or periodontal disease if you experience the following symptoms:

• It effortless for your gums to bleed.

• They look so red, tender and are puffed-up.

• You have lingering bad breath.

• There are fluids being released in between gums and teeth, especially when pressed.

• Your teeth are shifting.

• You observe that you taste something bad inside your mouth for several days already.

• You suffer from loss of teeth.

• Your dentures do not seem to fit anymore.

Who’s to blame? You never adhere to a good oral hygiene. You brush one time a day and you do not floss and wash your mouth. It's not surprising then that you've tartar. Since it has been savoring its stay on your teeth and gum line for a longer period of time already, gum disease becomes feasible. Other than these, other reasons that cause periodontal disease are tightening your teeth, genetics, grinding your teeth, tobacco use and some prescription drugs.

Gum disease has two kinds: gingivitis and periodontitis.

Gingivitis - Many people may not know that they have gingivitis because of its mild form. It's only natural that you do not feel any ache. But you must take this one seriously. It may result to a more serious case of gum disease and may inevitably bring about tooth loss.

Your dentist in Chandler will analyze your teeth, mouth, gums and tongue. He will try to look for redness, blood loss and swelling, in addition to plaque and tartar. Initially, he will quickly carry out teeth cleaning. He will remove all hard deposits in your teeth. He will educate you on how to use toothbrush and floss effectively. He will also recommend the use of mouthwash. He may request for dental x-ray to check if the virus has already spread all through the supporting structures of the teeth. He will also look into the potential for underlying medical conditions that he will ask you to see your family physician.

Periodontitis - When the treatment of gingivitis is ignored or postponed, you are in for a more severe gum disease, which is the periodontitis. This is because the infection, as well as the inflammation, has already gotten to the ligaments and bone.

Your dental hygienist will examine your teeth, mouth and gums. He will diagnose that you have periodontitis if your gums are soft and swollen, and appear to have a combination of red and purple colors. He will validate this even more if he sees plaque at the base of your teeth and notices the swollen pockets in the gums. Dental x-rays will also disclose that the supporting bone is definitely lost and plaque deposits are already under the gums.

Being intense in nature, your dentist in Chandler will clean your teeth but this time, it will make use of the scaling and root planing technique. He will utilize local anesthetic so your gums and teeth roots will numb. He may suggest antibiotics for your infection. Sometimes, surgery may be a required form of cure.

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