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Rural Tourism in India

by anonymous

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Rural tourism means travelers visiting destinations that are away from major metropolitan areas and developed tourist resorts and locations. For example rural tourism involves travellers visiting small communities and experiencing traditional life in those communities. Rural tourism also involve environmentally friendly tours to lakes, forests, jungles and other natural environments that have not yet been developed for large scale commercial tourism

Due to urbanization there is a fall in economy in rural areas Rural Tourism is one of the few activities which can provide a solution to these problems. Besides, there are other factors which are shifting the trend towards rural tourism like increasing levels of awareness, growing interest in heritage and culture and improved accessibility, and environmental consciousness.

  Why there is a need of encouragement in rural tourism

People living in rural areas can participate in the tourism industry in many ways – as workers, entrepreneurs and other economical activities driven from tourisms. Tourism is a major foreign revenue earner

  Therefore Indian government takes several steps to promote rural tourism

  • There is a scheme of Indian government; geographic regions would be identified for development and promotion of Rural Tourism India. The implementation would be done through a Convergence Committee headed by the District Collector. Activities like improving the environment, hygiene, infrastructure etc. would be eligible for assistance. Apart from providing financial assistance the focus would be increasing resources available under different schemes of Deptt. of Rural Development, State Govts. and other concerned Departments of the Govt. of India


  • Rajasthan government use social media to promote rural tourism because rural areas are not in knowledge of general public, they use Facebook(a social website) for advertising there tourism,


  • Government gives various financial helps and tax relives to local people staying in rural areas to promote rural tourism


 Steps should be taken to promote rural tourism

  • Governments should recognize importance of rural tourism at priority and help in creating healthy competitive business environment.
  • Government should try to generate data for decision-making bodies investing for developing the human resources. 
  • Create adequate facilities and suitable infrastructure like accommodation, roads, airport facilities, rail facilities, local transport, communication links and other essential amenities become essential for development of rural tourism.


  • Some of the essential services required for rural tourism.
  • Build confidence in safety and security.
  • Plan for sustainable growth of rural tourism
  • Invest in new technology
  • Business must balance economics with people, culture and environment.
  •  Develop rural tourism protecting natural resources, local heritage and lifestyles.


 The concept of rural tourism has a noble cause,  it is another kind of sustainable tourism

That exploits resources in rural regions, causes little or no harmful impact, and generates

Increasing benefits to rural areas in terms of rural productivity, employment, improved

Distribution of wealth, conservation of the rural environment and culture, local people's

Involvement and a suitable way of adapting traditional beliefs and values to modern times.

We can also make some holiday homes India for staying and taking as granted about the Rural Tourism.

Therefore one can say that for growth of nation rural tourism plays an important role.

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