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Safekeeping Tape and Film

by rubybadcoe

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As more forms of media are going digital from analog, it may be easy to think that the age of tape-based systems such as magnetic tapes and CDs are history. Proponents state that newer forms of data storage such as flash drives with gigabytes of usable space are here to stay. They're touted to offer more storage space and, in the case of audio visual media files, can be reproduced with better quality. In a way, these claims are on the mark.

Hard copy media are prone to deterioration, in which the time can vary depending on their immediate environment. DVDs, for example, are vulnerable to disc rot, triggered by excessive exposure to light that affects their picture quality over time. Magnetic tapes, even the precious VHS tapes you still hold on to after all these years, can be a possible source of mold. When you want valuable media preserved, companies such as Williams Data Management can do this under controlled conditions.

A quality media storage firm usually has vaults, made out of ceramics, steel, and mesh screens, ready to be used. Its design and ability to withstand high temperatures will enable the vault to remain intact for several hours. However, since radiant heat and steam also affect the data in the medium, the vault comes with safeguards against buildup of steam.

There's a possibility, although remote, that a fire can break out inside the vault due to a number of reasons. When this happens, the vault's construction may contain the heat and gradually cook the media inside. A media storage firm solves this by designing the vault to have its own fire suppression systems.

The vault isn't limited to simply old audio visual media. For example, there are vital records and documents you simply don't want anyone to see. The vault can contain and protect them against moisture, which can degrade the paper.

These vaults are necessary because you never know if you need to reproduce digital media to replace the ones lost in a calamity or disaster. A media storage company like Williams Data Management can keep those materials safe and sound when and where you need them. For more information, read more at

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