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Innovative Technologies For Water Tanks

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Modular tanks can be used for short term storage of liquids, hazardous wastes and sludge’s. In a growing number of applications, above ground modular storage systems are used as alternatives to conventional round storage tanks. Modular systems reportedly offer lower per-gallon storage costs for permanent or emergency storage of materials.

By design, modular containment systems can be configured for irregular sites, quickly bolted together for use, and later dismantled for relocation or storage. Systems are equipped with chemical resistant flexible membrane liners for handling and treating liquids, hazardous wastes and sludge’s.

Rural and domestic pre-fabricated water storage tanks are made for the easy transport. All water tanks come with a 20 year warranty. Full engineered and certified tanks range, in size from 5000litres to over 2 million liter commercial water tanks installations. Bolted tanks are well known for their long term storage capacity. Welded steel tanks have their own advantages, but bolted steel tanks will stand the rest of time. Bolted steel tanks have many commercial applications, including being used as silos for food storage. They are also used in industry for chemical storage. They can even be used for water storage on farms or as water tanks in rural cities.

DIY Solar thermal for hot water is a whole easier, cheaper and more rewarding. With some basic handyman type of skills you could have your solar hot water system or as a the industry calls it domestic hot water system. With the advent of lower cost domestic hot water solar panels incorporated with pre-fabricated water storage tanks and these systems can now be installed by most DIY'ers. If you have considered or at least wondered how they work and weather or not you could do it yourself. Solar water heating systems include storage tanks and solar collectors.

Pre-fabricated water storage tanks can be made in all sizes and variety of colors. They can be installed almost on the surface and can easily provide the necessary facilities whenever required. They supply the modular structures. A reliable safe water tank storage is one of the most important items you will ever invest in, after all we cannot live without clean water. Pre-fabricated water storage tanks are generally are of a high quality, cost effective and produce longevity. The tanks are available in a wide range of color and size. These tanks are rated for the storage of potable drinking water. It helps to ensure reliability.

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