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Shoe lifts use to aid leg length inequality

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Shoe lifts are a useful tool for a person living with a difference in leg length. There are two approaches to using shoe lifts to compensate for a leg length difference. The first approach is to use a custom fitted device inserted inside the cavity of the shoe under the heel of the foot. There are several limitations to this approach. The shoe lift can not be much thicker and one-quarter to three-eighths of one inch before it crowds the inside of the shoe and the foot will not be able to sit comfortably inside. Footwear types with an open heel or toe like sandals and flip-flops do not have a supportive design to fit a shoe lift inside and hold it in place. These reasons are why the second approach is superior. The second approach uses shoe lifts which can be custom built not inside the shoe but inside the exterior sole. This method allows for a much larger range of thicknesses to be outfitted to the shoe. Shoe Lifts are more comfortable and less intrusive when you split the sole of the shoe. An expert craftsman can use a sharp tool, slice off part of the sole going through the shoe back to front, then add the custom shoe lifts to the shoe using glues and needles. The lift is then tapered as necessary for comfortable walking. Finally the original sole of the shoe is reattached at the point where the shoe lifts have been custom inserted. Replacing the original sole on the bottom of the shoe is preferred because when your left and right feet are walking on identical soles the experience is more pleasant and feels natural. Lastly the use of sophisticated dye techniques and artistic touches allow the shoe lifts to blend into the shoe seamlessly. This method has proven to effectively deal with leg length inequalities and discrepancies.

Ilya Romanov is the President of American Heelers Orthopedics and an expert on shoe lift modifications and leg length inequalities. Ilya started the company in 2006 in Cleveland, OH.

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