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Battery - An Important Part of Mobile Phone

by amitsachdeva

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There is a surplus of new mobile phones that are being launched into the market, of late. While every handset emphasize the features of it, seldom does anyone lay stress on the feature or power of the battery. Nevertheless, the fact remains that the batteries are one of the main components of a cell.

More than being a convenience, a mobile has turned out to be a need in the world of communication and trade nowadays. We often take for granted that we can receive or can call everywhere. However that can barely be done if we do not have a powerful battery. The kind and size of the mobile phone battery has an immense bearing on the power, size and most prominently, the performance of the mobile. As mobiles have very much reduced in dimension over the years, their batteries too have been corresponding.

There are as many mobile phone batteries as there are mobile companies. The difference in the phone batteries counts on the technology as well as matter used to make it.

Nickel Cadmium batteries were the first ones to be extensively used in phones. These consisted of the capacity to recharge and were fairly undersized. They had sufficient efficiency to offer a successful performance. These were reasonably priced, however suffered from a memory effect, which implies that if it wasn't entirely discharged prior to recharging, a memory would be formed. This usually allowed the battery to discontinue performing even if it had few residual power left. This was unquestionably a great problem and indeed not of use.

(NiMH) batteries were a variation of the NiCd batteries and only ruled out cadmium from its components. Cadmium is a badly poisonous chemical and had disposal problems, too. These were cut out in NiMH batteries which had a negligible memory effect.

Lately Lithium Ion batteries have turned out to be the trendiest in mobile technology. These are light, powerful as well as undersized and have no memory effect. More or less all high-end phones and a lot of low-priced phones also have it. The price is the only downside of it, however they make up in regards of their performance as well as size.

Lithium Polymer batteries are the most modern kind of mobile phone batteries being created in recent times. Latest smartphones have it. However low-priced cell phones seldom work with these kinds of batteries. They are relatively uncommon; however an increasing number of companies are making use of it.

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