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Electric Nissan Forklifts versus IC Nissan Forklifts

by advinrosa

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If you are confused on what kind of Nissan Forklifts you need to buy either an IC engine powered forklift or an electric model then this article is really going to be of great help to you as it will do a comparison of the two and sort out your confusion.

It is a known fact that used Nissan Forklifts operate on 2 variant methods namely the Internal Combustion Engine Method which is powered by some kind of fuel and the other is the Electric Nissan Forklifts which are powered by the onboard battery. Here is a comparison of the 2 different choices which will give you the best chance of making a decision on as to which Nissan Forklift is the best for you.

Let us first have a look at the electric powered Nissan Forklift and what it has to offer its customers. These kinds of Nissan Forklifts are powered by huge batteries just similar to the ones in your car. These electric powered Nissan Forklifts have a charge is expected to last for five to six hours of constant use and it is just enough for any standard eight hour work shift. There are 2 important reasons as to why you should prefer purchasing the electric powered forklifts of which the foremost is that they do not release any kind of emissions and it is an excellent choice for people who work in enclosed surroundings. The next most important benefit of buying an electric Nissan Forklift is that you can save considerable amount of money that would otherwise be spent on fuel cost. The electric models of forklifts generally have pretty low cost per hour of operation in any business and the only drawback with electric models is that the initial higher cost of near about twenty to forty percent. There are several other things which make electric models an excellent choice such as their quite operation, fewer moving parts, no requirement for storing fuel which makes the operation of this forklift pretty easy, clean and smooth. Nevertheless the major drawback is that these forklifts need to be recharged after each shift.

Now let us have a look at the Internal Combustion Engine powered Nissan Forklifts if they better suit your requirements or not. There different models IC Nissan Forklifts which run on varying fuels such as Natural Gas, Diesel, Propane Gas and Gasoline. The best thing about these kinds of forklifts is that the downtime is pretty less and for refueling them you just need to fill them with a canister or a pump on your way. These models definitely cost more per hour to run than the electric models but are less expensive than the electric models. However if you want to cut down on your fuel costs then you should prefer to choose diesel instead of the regular gasoline.

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