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Motorola Xoom – a powerful tablet

by anonymous

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Motorola is a reputed brand that own the exclusive collection of phone. Recently, it has come up with its first tablet, Motorola Xoom. This stylish device is well equipped with high end features. Motorola Xoom has NVidia Tegra 2 Ghz dual core processor that makes working on this tablet very smooth. It lets you to run any applications simultaneously without any delay. This is opposed to the Apple iPad because it has only single core processor which is comparatively slower than dual core processor. The tablet features 1 GB of RAM which is quite good. It will let you run a lot of applications without slowing down the performance and without affecting its internal processes.

Motorola Xoom is equipped with Google Honeycomb operating system and it is result of cooperation between Motorola and Google. It has two cameras, one is front facing and the other is rear facing. The front facing camera is 2 megapixels and rear facing camera is 5 megapixels. The camera of this device will help you take clear and sharp images. You can use this tablet to create 720p video.

This smart device is very sleek and has 10.1 inch wide screen. The display of this table is crystal clear and will provide you great viewing experience. The battery life of Motorola Xoom is quite good. With dual core process, its surprising that it doesn't consume much battery. The battery of Motorola Xoom can be used for 9 hours of browsing 3G, 10 hours on wifi and 14 days if you are not using the internet on it. This means, you can use your table entire day without worrying about its battery. The tablet includes various applications like Google Books, web browser, calculator, new calendar, new camera app, a clock, latitude, contact, gallery, Google Talk, Market and many more. Furthermore, this tablet provides you an amazing gaming experience with crystal clear graphics.

The main disadvantage of this smart and stylish device is that its memory cannot be extended. The device only has 32 GB of memory. The only way to extend its memory is use an SD card which is not yet activated. Overall, it a stylish device with plenty of good features. In fact, it is much more powerful than the Apple iPad and is available at great price. You can get Motorola Xoom in UAE for AED 1699 only. You can invest your money in this tablet.

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