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What Is The Best Way To Clean Sextoys?

by adultmart

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It is very important to keep sextoy neat and clean, So that you can avoid the bacterial infection and transmission of STIs. There are some STIs which die once but some others live in dries and can live for months. When you want to insert the sextoy in vagina then just wash the sperms inside the toy which will prevent from pregnancy. Read the instructions carefully for cleaning the sextoy.  If it will take too much time to clean a toy, you have to buy a different one. For the basic toy care, use anti bacterial soap for your electric toys.

You should have to use soapy, damp washcloth to make your electric toys clean. Try to keep the electric components away from the water. Keep these toys in cool and dry place. You can make safe use by cleaning the non porous material such as hard plastic, glass, silicone and stainless steel.
Hard plastic: it should be cleaned with anti bacterial soap and water. Do not use boiled water.
Glass: the glass toys can be washed by using the soap and water. Keep the glass away from excess temperature. Silicone:  silicone sex toys have three options to clean it. First is put this into your dishwasher, or boil for five to ten minutes, or wash with warm water and anti bacterial soap .do not boil the vibrator as it may lost its vibrator mechanism.
Stainless steel:  if it is attached with some electrical components then use soapy and warm water for cleaning purpose. Keep in mind that any electric part never comes in contact in the water. If there are no electrical components then you have three options. Place it in a dish wash bar and soak or boil it for 10 minutes in bleach water solution. You also can clean the porous materials such as nylon, vinyl, cyber skin, leather and rubber.

Wash the nylon toys or harnesses with the machine or with mild anti bacterial soap. Cyber skin and vinyl are very porous and soft; they are used in dildos, vibrators. By using only warm water you can wash these toys. Use a small amount of powder and air dry on this device avoiding it from getting sticky. You can wash leather by wiping them with soapy and damp cloth or with the leather cleaner. You should not have to soak the leather. After washing it you can recondition it with the leather conditioner. By applying a coating of nail polish you can protect the metal parts from tarnish. The rubber materials are generally difficult to clean and porous in nature. If you are using these types of toys then always use a condom with this for prevention from bacterial infections. Because the compositions of these types of materials are not always known to we and can contain some harmful materials such as chemicals and phthalates. For this reason it is recommended always to use prevention with this sextoys. This is the way to keep your sex life secure.

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