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Discovering the ABCs of Hiring a Fresno Divorce Attorney

by janaystiles

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California experienced a high divorce rate which reached 60 to 70 percent in 2012. While wedded couples choose to part ways, separation isn't easy as a lot of people assume it is. The couple has to think about and iron out many issues like insurance or estate claims, finances, and custody of children. Couples who wish to get out of a spousal relationship could pick from different methods like summary dissolution, legal separation, annulment, or divorce. Should you choose divorce, seek advice from an experienced Fresno divorce attorney who can help you file your case.

Divorce puts an end to your marriage or domestic partnership, and enables you to re-marry or have another partner again. It requires that a spouse submits a complaint against the other but without need to prove who is at fault or to mention a reason for the decision. An easier option to divorce is summary dissolution if the marriage or partnership is no more than five years, without any children, and waived spousal support, among others.


Among the grounds you can ask a judge to rule on in a divorce case are kid support, custody and visitation, partner or spousal support, debt payment, and division of property. The procedure usually lasts for six months from filing, or longer based on other issues that may emerge. You can decide to represent yourself, have a limited or full attorney, and a mediator.

A full attorney works with you and aids you completely while a limited attorney only helps you for consultations. Given that lawyers have to exchange info, couples can opt for mediators who will coordinate with both legal representatives to speed up the process.


The couple who wants to separate should work out how to divide their property and the custody of their kids. Property is designated as either Community Properties, which are shared properties acquired during the marriage; or Separate Properties, which were acquired before the marriage. The former including debts and estates is distributed between the couple. The latter is returned to its due owner as long as proof is presented that these were acquired before the marital relationship.

Divorce can be really difficult and chaotic therefore it's best that a couple secures the help of a family law attorney in Fresno, CA. If you have concerns or wish to know more, you can browse through these sites: calbar. ca. gov/Public/Pamphlets / DivorceCustody. aspx and courts. ca. gov/selfhelp-divorce. htm.

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