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Kleritec Offers Service Innovation.

by irmagreer

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Kleritec offers a wide variety of products in the fields of healthcare, imaging and education. The company has built this product base through the acquisition of companies that offered good products but possibly did not have the capital or management expertise to make them profitable. In short, Kleritec has taken the best of underutilized goods and increased the visibility of the product.

The product lines include products designed to deal with some of the world's most deadly pathogens. The disinfectants included in the line are designed to kill the Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus bacteria. This micro-organism is better known as MRSA and is resistant to most antibiotics. Preventing its spread is critical in the healthcare industry.

It offers the same products for use outside the healthcare field. The disinfectants are useful in cleaning athletic equipment and locker rooms, for example, to prevent the spread of disease among athletes. The same safeguards can be extended to childcare facilities and anywhere groups of people gather.

In the imaging field, Kleritec offers some important advancements in the distribution of printer supplies. This allows them to consistently offer some of the best value in ink cartridges, toner cartridges and other consumables used by computer printers. Kleritec doesn't manufacture these items, but they do serve as a supplier with the best selection and prices for the business consumer.

Young scholars are not forgotten. The company offers art and activity packages for use in the childcare and preschool settings. These packages offer better value for the teacher than assembling the components and can increase the learning opportunities for the child. Seasonal packs deliver arts and craft activities to the school or daycare on a regular basis providing a continuous learning experience for the youth.

Kleritec also offers a number of products designed for the Women, Infants and Children or WIC program. This government program helps provide nutrition to the vulnerable youth and their mothers in the United States. The products provided by Kleritec are tested safe and effective and include serving and hygiene items such as spoons, cups and toothbrushes.

Service is one of the keys to all the product lines the company offers. Trained staff is always available to help customers choose the best product for their situation. As new products are added, staff receives additional training always guaranteeing the customer a good experience even with a new product offering.

Clint Dixon works with Kleritec Inc. to bring small and medium sized businesses products and services to ensure growth and success. Offering Health Care, Educational, Athletic, Imaging and WIC, Kleritec has a wide range of products and services for businesses.



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