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Radiolabeled Antibody and Its Different Types

by GoodWinBio

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There are many different ways, by which human immune system generally attacks the foreign substance. One very popular attack mechanism, followed by them, is by creating large number of antibodies. These antibodies are nothing but sticky proteins, and their prime function is to target and get attached to any specific antigen. Once they get attached, they call out for other immune system, and with their help destroy the cells containing these antigen.

In last few years, there are some research labs which have made extensive progress in the field of Radiolabeled Antibody development. It is their extensive work in this particular field, that now various different copies of any particular antibodies can be easily developed in a lab. The primary task of these antibodies is to fight any specific disease, for which they have been created.

There is no doubt that there are many benefits of these antibodies. The most prominent of them is that they can be used to target some specific cancer causing substances. Apart from that, they do not has any major side effect on the human body. This is the reason, they are now a days preferred over many other cancer treatment. However, before using antigen, made using this technique, a researcher should identify the appropriate disease carrying substance that has to be targeted.

The Different Types of Antibodies

Naked antibody:- they work by themselves. They do not require any interference or guidance. Currently they are the most popularly used antibody.

Conjugated antibody:- they are generally joined to chemotherapy drug or any other radioactive particle. They generally work in parts, and act as a homing devices, to take the required substances to the the cancer causing cells.

What could be the possible side effects of monoclonal antibodies

These antibodies are directly injected into the human vein. Although, many people, who are using them, do face any side effects. Still, there are a small number of patients, who have to bear the side effects of these antibodies. However, the side effects of these antibodies is minimal and not dangerous. Apart from that, they are still the much better choice than the side effects of chemotherapy. Some of the most prominent side effects of these Biobetters are as follows:- 








Low blood pressure


Apart from that, there are some other side effects of using popular Recombinant Protein Production antibodies. However, with little care, one can still easily avoid them.


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