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Don’t let yourself be fooled when it comes to the metals. It has been seen so many times in past few years that people are mislead  in to thinking that metals is a different world and hence the factors such as pricing among others ought to be high. No, we are not just another company dealing in this field; we are not just another company. We are a name to reckon with. You will not only find the rarest and the common metals here but our services are also level higher than what others offer. It is just everything that others’ promise but are never been able to deliver. They say and we do.

The Metal Sales Corporation (AMSC) is one of the leaders in the industry and is the pioneer in the multi-metals suppliers and the distributors as well. They offer a wide range of products such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper and also brass to the manufacturers of different products from one coast to the other coast. 

Besides, they also supply the metal coil, foil and strip, wire, with the plate, Muntz Metal Plate, tube (tubing), the sheet (sheeting), and also the extrusions and the custom products as well to your prints. The AMSC offers a huge stock. Best part of our services is that we will deliver to you just-In-Time and the  mill direct shipment will be on firm and the variable price programs as well up to  the 12 months in duration as well.

All the metal that we sale are high in quality and that is precisely the reason why we are considered as one of the nation's leading metal suppliers and the distributors as well. Just by utilizing the domestic and the foreign mill relationships as well, we have mastered the tricks of the trade. These relationships, which have been developed brick by brick and step by step over the years and also being nurtured over the span of three decades.

As we know, AMSC is really strongly positioned to match all the requirements to a perfect mill source as well and they are copper sheet suppliers also.

These metals that we supply here are used to make not hundreds or thousands but millions of the products in many of the industries. As aluminum is really lightweight metal which is derived from bauxite ore and is also known for its remarkable resistance to the corrosion. Similarly, other metals like Commercial Bronze Plate have other qualities and we deliver all in the purest form of quality.

For more information about copper sheet suppliers and Commercial Bronze Plate please visit our website

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