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Save space by transcoding MP4,MP3,FLAC to WMA

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MP4 and MP3 are the two widely used formats in the of internet streaming. They gain great poplularity all over the world.

MP3 stands for MPEG 1 (Motion Picture Experts Group) Layer 3. The power of MP3 files lies in their ability to store music and audio using substantially less memory than other formats.

MP4 or MPEG part-14 is a multimedia container format standard that has been specified as a part of MPEG4. It is most commonly used for storing the digital audio and video streams over the internet.

FLAC is a codec which allows digital audio to be losslessly compressed such that file size is reduced with out any information being lossing.

WMA file format stands for "Windows Media Audio", which is developed by Microsoft and widely used for audio codecs on Windows platform. WMA was intended to be a competitor for the MP3 and RealAudio audio formats. WMA files can be of any size compressed to match many different connection speeds, or bandwidths.

Different users may have different scenario why they need convert MP4/MP3/FLAC to WMA. Serveral Matter you may meet:
1. Love listening to music, and there are quite a lot of MP3 songs in my computer, but find the space of computer become less and less. MP3 songs are the reason.

2. Just need the audio stream in the MP4 files, both for saving space and enjoying the quality audio content.

3. The FLAC files holds high quality audio streams, however, the compatibility is so limited they cannot be played on some devices such as the PSP.

To deal with those problem, iOrgsoft Audio Converter ( Audio Converter for Mac ) is the best choice for you. With it , you can easy both convert convert all audio and videos to WMA and other audio formats. It can easily extract WMA audio stream from the MP4 video files or convert MP4 to WMA at superfast speed, Convinent convert MP3 to WMA format to save space on your computer, perfectly allow you convert FLAC to WMA.

If you have many interesting video in your computer , and want to upload them to the Youtube for sharing. HTML 5 is much talked about now for it has become the latest web standard and lots of sites are preparing update to HTML 5 , It can stream high definition videos with much smaller file size compared with most of other formats such as FLV, WMV,etc. So, if you intend to share your local MP4 videos on HTML 5 sites, converting MP4 to WebM on Mac or Windows will be your best preparation. Don't Worry!iOrgsoft Video Converter can easy help you to convert MP4 to WebM which can also easy convet WebM to MP4 format.

For movie lover, if you had buy Canon C500 who want to make your video more special, like add music,text etc. Many people like use Final Cut Pro to help them edit their video. But Final Cut Pro can't import MXF files. This MXF Converter for Mac can also help you to convert Canon C500 MXF to FCP without quality lossing.

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