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Cricket Dubai – The Most Favorite Sport Of Dubai Among All

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We have all seen images of the world’s tallest building which is in Dubai. We have also seen the Burj Al Arab, the most luxurious hotel that one could actually think of. This is along with the other luxurious international hotel chains establishing their entity in Dubai. No wonder Dubai is often referred to as the heaven for tourists. Millions visit here from different parts of the world. So this place must have something for everyone. We all have heard and seen about the yachts and other beautiful things that Dubai has to offer.

We all have heard about the shopping malls and the other outlets of Dubai which are great for the shoppers in us. But what about the sports enthusiasts? Dubai has not been much in the headlines for this. But that does not mean that Dubai does not have any thing for sports. A small research would make it very clear that cricket seems to be the most favorite sport in Dubai. Though the team of Dubai has not made it to the international arena with any credible big performances, cricket is very much alive there. The Dubai sports city is the place where all the sports action is bustling. Many track events, football events and cricket events have been organized here successfully.

Dubai has some of the best sports rehabilitation clinics and facilities for the athletes. Tennis and football academies too have played a major role in promoting sports in this region. But still cricket seems to be the apple of the eyes of the people of Dubai. Academies for cricket coaching are famous and give some of the best results. Here one gets the best facilities to practice their favorite game of cricket.

The ICC has one of the best state of art cricket facilities made in Dubai and it is the pride of the cricket community in Dubai. If one is wondering what can be so grand about it, then here are some nuggets of facts:

  • Purpose built solely for cricket

  • Skill improvement as per the particular needs

  • Training and team building skills.

This establishment is not just for the players but even the empires and the curators too can practice and make themselves better at what they do. Already cricket had an upper hand and was a favorite game in Dubai. Now with this academy, Cricket Dubai shines even brighter among other sports.

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