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In the many years of working as a part of the tourism industry, I have discovered one fact – everyone single one of us is secretly an adventurer. Even those of us who have lead their whole lives sticking to the routine! All of us want to try our hands at the untried, experience the unexpected and become one with the wild. Curiosity is one of the most basic instincts of human nature, the thrill to try something for the first time ever. But then most of us are never able to take that first step towards the unknown. The apprehension, the anxiety and the fear sometimes gets the better of us. And we just cannot bring ourselves to go over the edge.

But then, when I see these very people  take some amazing leaps, push themselves to the limit and discover their strengths that they didn’t even know they had, I am amazed by the power that the mighty Himalayas hold over us. Nepalese trekking is one of those experiences that allows you to discover a totally new side of yourself, explore an adventurous part of your personality that you didn’t even knew to exist. And that really is something to be thankful for.

On any Nepalese trekking expedition, whether it is to climb the formidable Mount Everest or to scale the Himalayan foothills, the hikers always find themselves challenged. The setting of this vacation is such – you just HAVE to try your hands at the untried. There is no way out of this. Nepalese trekking allows you experience nature in its most untamed and feral form, discovering hidden treasures like rare flora and fauna and some of the most unbelievable landscapes. And finally the whole experience will get your own personal boundaries a little further, discovering strength, courage, fighting power, perseverance and of course the will to carry on. Most people feel that they have been reborn after a Nepalese trekking experience.

The Himalayas have a way to excite and inspire you. Nepalese trekking expeditions really are some of the most challenging yet the most rewarding hikes on the planet. People who have been on one of these often say that the experience was simply out of this world. And the feeling that they get when they complete the journey is something beyond satisfaction. After going through all of that on the way up to the top, after facing all of those obstacles along the way, people say that view from the summit makes it all worth it. And in the end, that is all that matters.

If you choose to go for Nepalese trekking, you can visit get all the professional help that you need. They will manage every bit of your trip in the most efficient manner possible, making the best of arrangements and even providing you with all the training required to complete the climb. Plus their team will be with you every step of the way as you make it to the top of one of those Himalayan giants.


Paul Deakin is an avid adventure enthusiast and the co-founder of Private Kilimanjaro– a leading adventure travel outfit offering amazing opportunities to climb some of the highest peaks in the world. He is an expert climber himself and also offers hiking guidance and tips in the many articles and blogs that he writes. Visit know more!

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