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Recommended golden breakfast

by slimmingpills

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As we all know, breakfast plays an important role on providing required energy for our daily activity. However, what kind of breakfast is the most beneficial to our health, here we may tell you somthing about matching golden breakfast. Here we go!

The blood sugar value will rise faster to have refined white rice than have ice cream. It has been said by many nutritionist that highly refined starch will be descomposed by the intestinal enzyme for lacking the protection of fiber. Blood sugar value will increase sharply after having high glycemic index food, thus the human body would release large amounts of insulin to lower the blood glucose values. Yet, low blood glucose may make people have a sense of fatigue. Therefore, you had better follow the principle of keeping the blood sugar value stable without exceeding two bowls of rice at lunch. Besides, you might as well have less starchy food once.

Iron in legume product is the main medium of generating the required energy, which bears the important task of transporting oxygen to the human organ and muscle. Therefore, if the body lack of iron, it may lead to anemia, which will make people feel giddy and tired. Though liver and meat are the best sources of iron, it can supply the body with enough iron as well as effectively improve the weary status to have some red beans, black beans or soy beans often.

Spinach contains magnesium, of which most women are likely to be short. For those female friends, they may feel tired if the daily intake of magnesium is less than 280 mg. Magnesium plays the role of converting the carbohydrates in the muscle into available energy for the human body.

Banana is known as the “high energy food”, which ranks first in the list of shaping legs for its abundant potassium content. Besides, it is rich in the carbohydrates that is easy to be absorbed by the body as well as abundant potassium that is conducive to stretching your leg muscles and preventing your legs from cramping. However, potassium can not be stored in the body for a long time, it will drop sharply after strenuous exercise. Research shows that low potassium content will result in muscle pain, arrhythmia and slow reaction. It can supplement potassium deficiency to eat a few bananas at this moment.

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