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Tips for Choosing the Best Orlando Airport Transportation

by johndeclan

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Today with Airport Transportation you have many choices. You can call for a shuttle to pick you up at your door. You can park and leave your car in an airport parking lot. You can even take Orlando airport transportation to the airport if a bus isn’t available.

Airports have lots nearby with shuttles going from the lot to the airport. The shuttle ride is covered by your parking lot fee. The farther is the lot from your airport, the cheaper the daily fees is. The shorter distance, meaning a shorter shuttle ride from lot to airport, means a higher parking rate. But you might think it is worth the extra charge if you do not want a long shuttle ride.

If you are staying away for a long period you will want to compare the cost of a van at your door compared to the parking lot fee. If the van from your door to the airport runs seventy dollars round trip and the total lot fee would be fifty dollars you would seem to save twenty dollars.

But remember to add in the cost of gas for your car to drive to the parking lot. And you have to be ready for the ride back to your home.

The one in the van home farthest from the airport is the last one to be dropped off. If that is you, and somehow it is always you, then be prepared for many stops on the way to your door. If you are parked in the lot nearby you need simply catch the shuttle to the lot and jump in your car and head home.

You might not like getting into your car and drive home in rush hour traffic after spending hours on an airplane. You might in this case not mind the many stops the shuttle makes on your way home. And if you are particular about your car then remember that most parking lots are open. You will in most cases not have your car covered at night. So there is no need to wash your car before leaving it in the parking lot.

When entering the parking lot remember to stop and leave your luggage with the attendant near the shuttle pick up area. If the lot is filled you will have to park far from the shuttle stop. You do not want to haul your bags back across the area you just drove over.

Now there is extra security at airports. This means extra time needed to board your flight. Therefore make sure you arrange your shuttle van arrives in plenty of time to make your flight. And be ready to go when the shuttle arrives. They are very good with getting to your door on time and you need to respect the time of others in the van that also have to catch a flight. If you are driving to the parking lot make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get to lot, take the shuttle, and get through security.

If you are looking to find the best deal on Orlando airport transportation, then feel free to visit to find the best advice on transportation for you.

About the author:

John Declan is a free spirited guy and likes to travel different places. He loves to mingle with people from different backgrounds, taste local cuisines, and picking up local culture & traditions. As he is residing in Orlando, so he has to often take taxi service from Orlando airport transportation. In this article, he tries to highlight some of the features relating to Orlando airport transportation service.


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