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General information about contract clinical trials

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Launch of new medical equipment, proposal of new medical procedures, formulation of new medicines, etc. are successful only when they have been through clinical trials. Clinical trials are carried out to determine safety and effectiveness of the medical product. Indeed, these man-made utilities are significantly impactful and may mean the difference between healthy and miserable life. Initially, trials are carried out on fit person and gradually sick and sicker persons are included in the study. Various perspectives of effects of drugs, device or procedure are reported to be documented as clinical trial protocols later.

Physically fit and healthy people are chosen to go through clinical trials so that they can endure its phases, which may extend to weeks or months. However, there is no general rule regarding the length of the period of trial. Document of agreement and consent are required to be signed by volunteers in most of the countries where there are defined laws for clinical trials. Volunteers are paid for the number of days that they have to spend at the facility where the trial is conducted. They are also compensated for the inconvenience that they go through. With the success of the trials, patients of like disorders and diseases are included. However, patients are not paid for the trials since it can be considered as free treatment. But patients do get compensation for the inconvenience that they face, if any.

Clinical Research Organisations are strictly instructed to maintain the privacy of volunteers' information. Every detail that is mutually agreed to be kept confidential must not be disclosed. In cases of mishaps, volunteers have the right to claim compensation for compromise of privacy. Similarly, assurance of safety and security of volunteers and patients is the responsibility of clinical research facility and the organisation.

Since clinical trials are lengthy and complex tasks that require respectable human and technology resources, outsourcing of clinical trials on contracts has become common. The agencies that undertake clinical trials on contract are called Contract Research Organisations and such trials are termed Contract Clinical Trials. These medical organisations have made the task of research, survey, investigation, documentation, etc. considerable convenient for private medical companies and government organisations. Since the laws of research that are active in any country are implied on these agencies too, their services are reliable and up to satisfactory standard. However, the responsibility of authenticity of report rests upon the sponsors. Visit our website for more information on clinical trials.

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