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Get Microsoft 1200, 2100, or 4200 Points Easily

by CheapXboxCards

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When your membership is running out, or if you have a free Xbox Live account and want to purchase videos, music, or other content, you can easily buy Microsoft points. Buying a Microsoft 1200 points card can help you decide whether you want to upgrade to a Gold membership or to help you keep getting the content that you want without a membership.


No matter how much you use your Xbox for downloading content, playing with friends, or talking with friends and relatives on video, it is great to know that your points will never expire. You can use it as little as you want without thinking that you need to use it all within a certain amount of time. Stretch your Microsoft 4200 points card out for as long as you want.


You can also add your points together. If you have a Microsoft 1200 points card and want to add more by buying another card, you can do that without penalty. This is helpful if you receive a lot of points cards as gifts and want to use them all at once.


Before you go out and spend money on a Microsoft 4200 points card, make sure that you are buying for the right country. Europe’s version only works in Europe. You cannot use them in another country.


Microsoft points make great gifts. You may want to consider purchasing a Microsoft 2100 points card for a gamer that uses Xbox moderately. These are great gifts because they can be used at any time.


The best websites can send you your points to your email account fairly quickly. Some deliver your points in as little as five minutes. If you purchase a Microsoft 2100 points card or any of the other cards, you can use it almost immediately. You can also send the points to a friend’s email account if you want to send a gift.


You do not have to pay full price for any Microsoft points card. The best deals offer Microsoft 2100 points for around £16.99. That is a great price, considering how fast you get the points and that they never expire. It’s definitely something to consider if you don’t like paying for expensive Windows Xbox Live Gold memberships.


Search around before you decide to buy an Xbox Gold Membership for another year. You can easily find cheap Microsoft 4200 points cards to see how long they may last you. You may never want to purchase a membership again.


About Us: We offer different cards for Xbox Live accounts to suit your individual needs. We deliver the cards safely and quickly to your email account. To see what we offer, please visit or call our UK Helpline at 0116 3183926.

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