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How to Pitch Your Clients via Portfolio Website

by pixpadesign

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Modernization and globalization believe that internet is the way to the world. Internet has set up its own tools, using which you can market yourself to the people who wish to see you. The world believes in selling yourself! If you cannot sell yourself, you cannot sell anything else. Your work, in the showcase, is as good as a mummy buried somewhere. Unless you show your talent, you cannot win over your clients.

Portfolio website, an attractive component

What do the modern advertisers suggest as the best way to selling? A portfolio website is the most premium and interesting way to sell yourself to your clients. Direct selling is a good way to sell your-self! But, what if you and the client both are not from the same place? The travelling cost along with other expenses would be an expense on your head. If you are a start-up, this expense is definitely going to make it difficult for you! So, instead of using direct techniques, how about pitching to your clients using a portfolio website?
The first question would be what is a portfolio website? It is a website that is exquisitely designed to showcase your work and encourage your talent in the best possible way.  Why should you get an online portfolio done? The answer is very simple. It is the best way of passive communication. You can also make your website interactive. Testimonials with a range of services can be added to this website to increase the traffic and thus the number of client base.

Plan to pitch

You need to be innovative as well as interesting when you are planning to pitch to your clients through this medium. Remember, this is almost passive mode of communication where your clients can just come and see you. You have to ensure that the website focuses on the kind of work that you are best at. Ensure that the work is shown beautifully and in an interactive way. You can use create videos or animated pictures where the audience has to click to move ahead. This would increase their interest in your work. You can also design your website showcasing your creative instincts. If you are a creative person, a creative website would surely lure the clients towards you.

Create blogs to allure

Blogs are essential if you are planning to pitch using your online portfolio. You can design a blog that contains a mixture of write-ups along with pictures to increase the curiosity of your clients. The design of the website makes all the difference. Clients are generally attracted by the ease of navigation and the aesthetics of the website. Of course, you need to ensure that you don’t create a complicated website just for attraction. This would annoy the clients. Your existing client base should have a place on the website. Client base helps you win clients. The look of the website should be professional in every way.

The website should be able to communicate your work, your thoughts and you in every way to the clients.

Summary: If you are planning to pitch your clients living across the world, plan on a portfolio website that understands the language across nations. The website should communicate in the language of signs and images more than words. A portfolio website would definitely help you win over more clients across nations.

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