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Liposuction Surgery Options - What You Need to Know

by paslnyc

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Most women and men dream of having a sleek, well contoured body. They may resort to rigorous diets and exercise to achieve their aesthetic goals. However, some fat deposits simply refuse to respond to even the most stringent dietary and exercise regimens. This is where liposuction surgery is relevant. This plastic surgery procedure is the ideal way to get rid of these stubborn fat deposits from virtually from any area of the body such as face, neck, chin, upper arms, abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks and knees.

While considering lipoplasty, understand the available surgical options and technologies, reliable plastic surgery practices, their service benefits, and how to choose your plastic surgeons.

Advanced Liposuction Procedure

Reliable plastic surgeries provide both traditional as well as advanced liposuction procedures. Advanced fat removal procedures are minimally invasive and performed using innovative technology such as SmartLipo Triplex. This FDA approved lipolysis system features three laser wavelengths - 1440, 1064, and 1320 nm, delivering a new level of safety and efficiency. Laser energy is delivered using a minimally invasive cannula to melt the fat which is then suctioned off.  Ensuring effective coagulation of blood vessels and tightening of the skin, this laser workstation provides lasting results.

Liposculpture Options

Here are some of the popular laser liposuction options you can choose from.
Abdomen: Women looking to shape up their abdomen after a pregnancy, men seeking to get rid of an unsightly paunch or anyone who wants a flatter and well contoured abdomen can benefit from this fat removal procedure
Buttocks: Laser liposuction of the buttocks offers firm and attractive buttocks.
• Face: Facial liposuction is an effective procedure that helps you regain your youthful charm and good looks. Fat deposits in the chin, cheek and jowls are removed. Hi definition precise sculpting results in enhanced facial contour.
Arms: Lipoplasty on arms can help you get rid of excess fat or loose skin in your upper arms and make them slimmer and firmer.
Breast reduction: Over-sized breasts not only mar a woman’s looks but could also cause back problems, breathing problems, skeletal deformities and neck pain. Women with excess fat in their breasts can benefit from breast reduction lipolysis.
Hi-def laser liposuction: This procedure can help men achieve their dream of getting a six-pack abs, a trimmer waistline, a flat tummy, or slimmer arms and thighs.

Important Considerations

Candidacy: Men or women with relatively normal weight range and excess body fat are ideal candidates for this procedure. They must also be in good health.

Realistic expectations: You should also have realistic goals and expectations about the outcome of the procedure. You should be aware that this fat removal procedure is not a weight loss solution.

Established surgical facility and plastic surgeon: Make sure to have your body contouring in an AAAASF accredited plastic surgery practice. It’s crucial that the surgeon is skilled and experienced in the liposuction procedure that you are considering.

The initial consultation with your plastic surgeon is a crucial. The surgeon will determine if you are the right candidate for liposuction surgery. You can also discuss your cosmetic goals so that the surgeon can provide you with a customized solution. Make sure to discuss the costs of the surgery as well as recovery and post-operative care.

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