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Online Video Marketing

by semseogurus

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Online video Marketing is a very powerful tool for businesses of any size, but it has proved to be immense useful for specifically small businesses. Like any other business tool, it has to be used effectively to generate results. A lot of businesses and companies are using social media sites like Facebook twitter and Google+, but most of them don’t know how to make the most of online video marketing.


Between other social media marketing sites you tube has proved itself the most popular online video marketing tool. It doesn’t matter if you want to teach people how to dance or how to do exercise or want to share your experiment; you tube is a great way to do online marketing for the same.


You Tube also has several free and easy to use tools, which make it easy for you to promote your business and increase your visibility online.


First step towards marketing on you tube is to create a channel. A YouTube channel is just like a house of your videos, that you create and upload favorites.  A channel offers you to customize your videos with your specific colors, information and links to your website and relevant social media pages. It also gives viewers an option to subscribe to your content with a mouse click.

Another step that you can take is to tag relevantly with your video. Tag is just like a keyword that gives a hint to the viewer about the video content. Tag always should be informative and concise and relevant to your content like for a video related to seo services you can tag ‘best seo services‘.


You can search on you tube for your topic and see what terms pop up in the drop down box. The terms that you see in drop down box are the terms that are already being searched. So they can prove great to use as a tag. You can also see some videos, which are high in the ranking with the same tag.  If their tag is useful for you don’t hesitate in using them.


Try to develop videos that are quick, engaging and professional.


Professional or decent video camera is not out of reach in today’s time. While capturing video of your content keep in mind to brighten the shady area, quality of sound. Just like before making a movie you need a script and beginning, middle and an ending. The subject should be simple and short. The expert advice is that the video should not exceed prescribed time limit that is 1 or 2 minutes.


Try to be interactive with the viewers who leave comments and views on your video. It should not be done that you made a video and forget about it. Always try to give answer of the comments and reviews leave by the viewers. Let them know that you are listening them; it will help to increase your credibility and trust.


Always try to add call to action button and attach your website address with this button as you may want to give the viewers some more information about your product or reason why to engage with your brand. You can add a contest or reward or discount coupons it can make your viewers engage with your site and can bring more viewers. You can add a persuasive message with call to action button such as “if you subscribe to our channel you will get a discount coupon or a lunch for two people in a 4 or 5 star hotel“ etc.


Use youtube’s Analytics tool to keep an eye on the content’s performance, engagement and many more. With the help of this tool you can see the sections of your videos that captured the viewers’ attention the most. This tool is free to use so you can use it liberally and without any hemming and hewing.


The viewers who comes to your site to see the video, you can request them to share your videos by pressing share button. They can embed the video, tweet, and share on Facebook or can mail the link. Moreover Google+ gives their users the facility to watch the videos with friends by hangout feature.


Take help of YouTube’s promoted videos feature. It will help to attract possible costumers, reviewers and subscribers to your business by displaying results against related searches on YouTube. To make the most of this features use eye-catching titles to attract the customers.


Although YouTube is more than enough for your online marketing campaign, but it works best with Facebook and Twitter.

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