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Two Parallel Entities Of Human Life

by Expertsmindedu

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The two significant things in human life are religion and science. Religion needs us to believe within a certain event without discussing too, in science the other hand needs to believe, but after a string of research in the area. No doubt various times science is similar to our religious beliefs, as we believe in which there are other creatures within the universe as we do, and scientists are also investigating the extraterrestrial presence in the universe and the universe.

Contrary to this, science does not believe within controlling power, such as God, who forms the world in just seven days. According to the theory of big bang the overall universe is the result of a powerful explosion.

Scientist believes this theory, the most appropriate and accurate to elaborate the starting of the galaxies and solar systems such as ours. Undoubtedly, the scientific issues are unquestionable, but there is still no power to control.

Same, Christians, Jews and Muslims believe in which the creation of a human baby within its mother's ovary is the most vibrant within the presence of God that is capable to give sufficient air for food, shelter and fresh unborn baby. But science is ultimately supporting this idea. And all this creation is known as the natural procedure of bearing babies.

Spirituality and Science

No matter what happens, it’s proven in which after a few years or decades, the technical ideas of all events associated to religion. Such as the famous theory of the world of 2012 is based on the Mayan calendar that was also represented through the ancient religious. Moreover, the concept of Judgment Day can be seen within the sacred books of the Christians and Muslims.

Undoubtedly, scientific research has proven several things which were once based on myths, as the 17th century Galileo was convicted under the orders of the Christian Church, and challenged the theory in which the sun revolves around the earth, and said in which the Earth revolve around the Sun therefore its now elaborates in which he was right that means that science is also helping us within evaluating our bad decisions.

As this is a few tough questions in which science cannot answer on reasons. How to cure deaths, without consulting a doctor or medication. There are saints, and gurus Sufis are powerful sufficient to display some amazing things. Therefore, scientists and researchers representing powerful entity like as supernatural. Another thing in which have nothing to say, as scientific ideas are quite variant in some cases. This is the complete information framed in short about science and religion and its significance in human life.

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