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Get amazed by history and architectural wonders of Abu Dhabi

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It might be known for its avant-garde shopping malls, commercial buildings, and breathtaking developments, but Abu Dhabi, never fails to surprise its guests and visitors with affluent history and cultural heritage. It is one place that has deep-seated traditions and has the potential to completely allure you with its breathtaking lifestyle. In fact, you can get an idea about the rich culture of the place, the moment you step in any of the Abu Dhabi hotels; they are all known to showcase the past in the most classic manner.


On your visit here, get ready to witness the most splendid and amazing collection. And, the best place to start with is the famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center. It is not only one of the world's most famous and beautiful architectural monuments, but also represents a great sentimental ethical value for the people of UAE. To encourage cross-cultural discourse, the government has established a center, where books across multiple Arabic and Islamic eras are exhibited. You will be glad to see the astonishing compilation of Arabic calligraphy and a copy of the Holy Spirit. That’s not it; the centre also holds an exceptional publication of over 50,000 manuscripts and engraved.


Next, you can visit the renowned Al Maqtaa Fort. Standing on the edge of Abu Dhabi, this Fort was built to keep away the crooks and thieves at the entrance of the town. Today, the Fort is a major tourist spot owing to its splendid architectural structure and location. If you are on a family holiday, you will have the most amazing time here. The next in line is the Al Qattara Arts Center. It was rebuilt. However, the traditional architecture was kept intact with special equipment to uphold an ideal combination. It holds open the way for the development of local art in the UAE. If you are travelling with your kids, then, they can indulge in a range of studio art activities like music, drawing, and painting.

You can end your day in this beautiful city, by visiting the Hili Archaeological Garden. It is both a public recreation park and a famous tourist spot. It is known to house the remnants excavated from the settlement of the Bronze Age, which is believed to be more than 4,000 years. On the other hand, the garden is filled with plants and fountains and children's activity area. And, no matter, which of the Abu Dhabi hotels you choose to stay in, they will make arrangements for your visit to this amazing places. So, get going and these holidays explore the other historic side of this amazing city!


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