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Looking for Trekking in Roopkund

by anonymous

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Roopkund better known as Skeleton Lake is located in Garwhal Himalaya, Uttrakhand, India at an altitude of about 5,029 meters. It is a very popular trekking summit. Every year thousands of people come here from all over the world for trekking. People who are adventurous finds Roopkund to be the most exciting and thrilling trekking spot. If you are planning for trekking to Roopkund it will take maximum 8 days to complete the trekking. First day will begin with a drive from Kathgodam to Lohagunj(217 kms) where in the way you will get to view beautiful mountains, valleys, rivers and bridges and the day will end with a night stay in the guest house.

The actual trekking will start from second day which will be from Lohagunj to Didna Village (7 kms) in between you will cross a small village named “Kulling” and then reach Didna and spend the night in the camp. Moving further third day you will move towards Ali Bugyal (11 kms) with a night stay in a tent. Fourth day from Ali Bugyal you will trek towards Ghora Lotani(6 kms) where you will view meadows in faint shades of olives and browns extended in all directions over the rugged black terrain and then again a night stay in a tent. On the fifth day you will move towards Bhagwabasa (5 Kms) where you will see snow every where and it will be around 4-5 hrs of walk with a night stay in tent. Sixth day you will head towards Roopkund- the ultimate trekking destination and return to Bedni Bugyal (14 Kms) with a night stay in tents. On day seven trekking will be from Bedni Bugyal to Wan and from Wan to Lohagunj it will be car drive. And the last 8th day you will be back from Lohagunj to Kathgodam.

The best time to do trekking in this lake is either in May-June which is just before monsoon or September-October which is just after monsoon. You can register for trekking during this period. People those who have completed trekking in Roopkund also say that trekking in Roopkund is in itself a lifetime achievement. Roopkund is covered with ice almost all the time. Trekkers love this place and want to come here again and again. From this mystery lake one can easily view some of the famous Himalayan peaks like Nanda Ghunti, Chaukhamba and Trishul. Basically Roopkund is located at the base of the two Himalayan peaks Trishul and Nanda Ghungti. A very interesting story is related with Roopkund. It is said that more than 500 human skeletons were found at the edge of the lake. Much research has been done and finally the fact that came out with the research was that the skeletons were of people from 12 to 15th century who died because of heavy hailstorms. Some bodies are still well preserved because of the icy condition over there. Due to all these reasons it is also known as a mystery lake. The best place for enjoying your holidays. So next time if you are planning for any trekking summit than keep Roopkund as your first choice. If you visit here once you will certainly fall in love with this place.

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