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Exchange Server service specific error 3355443752

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Exchange Server administrators often prefer online restore in case the Pub.edb or Priv.edb file gets corrupted. The online restore operation also replays the transaction log files that have not been replayed at the time of soft recovery. Thus after this operation, Exchange information store should come to a completely reliable state. But contrary to this belief, Exchange database may prompt corruption symptoms even after performing online restore. This can occur owing to several reasons. Hence you can alternatively use a third-party edb repair solution to repair the corrupted database.

For instance, consider a situation when you observe one of your database file, Priv.edb or Pub.edb, showing corruption issues. As a result, you restore from an online backup, but the information store fails to start. Additionally, you receive a service-specific error 3355443752. On viewing the application log, you encounter some events logging with IDs: 5000, 1080 and 0. These events indicate that Exchange has been unable to restore from the backup.


The service-specific error 3355443752 often results after online restore, if, after restoring, you run isinteg-patch or eseutil /r /is command before running the information store service. This occurs because these commands run soft recovery on the databases. And there always is database inconsistency after online restore, since patch files for public as well as private information stores are restored. These patch files (Priv.pat and Pub.pat) bear transactions that aren't replayed at the time of soft recovery. This ultimately results in a damaged database because of missing transactions.

Note: isinteg -patch or eseutil /r /is command should only be applied for offline restore.


To solve the depicted problem, you can try solutions such as:

  • Try to restore from another online restore without running the isinteg -patch or eseutil /r /is command

  • Use a third-party EDB Repair Software to repair and restore the corrupted Exchange EDB files

An edb repairutility can scan the corrupted Exchange database using powerful scanning algorithms without altering the integrity of the database. These repair applications are easy to use and can be easily downloaded from Internet. You can use these software in any case of database corruption.

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery is a reliable utility that repairs corrupted Exchange database (*.edb) files and restores the mailboxes in separate *.pst files. The EDB Repair Softwaresupports MS Exchange Server 2007, 2003, 2000, and 5.5. The software can also recover deleted mailboxes and STM data. The tool is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000.

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