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Floor Electric Radiant Heat Mats

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Electric floor heaters have become a popular heating method in recent years for keeping homes warm and at the same time its very energy efficient. The ability to adjust the warmth of a room with full control while using the least amount of energy makes this system a popular upgrade to any home.


There are basically two types of floor heating systems, Electric Floor Heaters and Hot Water Heater Systems. Both are based on the same concept of wires or hollow tubes that our insulated and woven across an insulated mat forming a wire mesh. The wires are then electrically heated and captured to produce the radiant heat. These mats are placed beneath the floor along with thermal insulation boards which are used trap the heat as the wires/tubes emit heat.

Since the electric floor heater system is designed with flexible components, the rolls of mesh containing the wiring systems are easy to install and retro-fit to the flooring system of many homes. They also take up less space and the control system doesn't require any major installation, which is why the process is popular for the do-it-yourself types. Although it is recommended you hire a professional for installation, you can purchase these products yourself from many manufactures. Most systems are even backed up by a warranty that's fully transferable to the next owner.

There are different types of electric floor heaters depending on the type of flooring you have. These mats can be installed under practically every flooring type such as laminate, tile, carpet, hardwood and stone.

As I had mentioned earlier the electric floor heaters are very efficient. For those that are trying to go "green" and save money it's an obvious choice. The system is cost effective based on the ease of installation. There are no harmful pollutants that are emitted, zero Electro Magnetic Field emission and the maintenance is very low.

Compared to traditional heating, the heat rises from the floor, which eventually rises above to warm the walls, mouldings, and furnishings, whereas with traditional heating the air is heated, but inefficiently circulated. Since the mats are evenly applied, the heat is distributed universally throughout the room.

Filters are not required to trap circulating dust and pollen, which promotes allergies and other health problems. The system even functions at a silent operation so you can relax and enjoy your time quietly as you feel the warmth from the electric floor heaters.

The heat level amount can be easily maintained in a house or office. The control unit can be precisely adjusted to your comfort and even programmed like a normal thermostat. In fact, you can control each individual room or office as you like.

There are many companies who sell and specialize in the manufacture of electric floor heaters.


Feel free to check out this [] site to find out more information on these systems or try research at your local hardware store. You can find some great deals and other professional advice. With winter just around the corner, this is the best time to take advantage of this efficient heating system!



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