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Points to Ponder Before Whale Watching

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If you are in love with nature, you will surely agree that the wildlife is the most intriguing of all possible sceneries. You will be in awe when you see majestic creatures in their natural habitat, especially if they don’t mind the visitors that come and go. Perhaps the most adventurous experience is when you get to experience Sydney whale watching

Much to Do With Whales

 Whales are gentle giants of the sea. They are the biggest mammals that can be found in the deep waters. They are never fully asleep because becoming unconscious for too long may drown them. You can see them surfacing in the water as what they call breaching and tail slapping to signify signs that are akin to them.


Of the whale species, the humpbacks are the most visible as seen in specific coastal areas of Sydney and other notable places.  These magnificent creatures are sighted in various places for breeding and feeding purposes.  They have this hypnotic melody that could lure people to witness them.  Then, after a few seconds, some of these whales breach for you to see.

Witnessing Humpbacks in the Down Under

Humpbacks are seen in specific places depending on the activity that they are doing.  If they are feeding, they usually stay in the waters of North America.  The breeding grounds for these gentle giants in the Northern Hemisphere include Hawaii and the Dominican Republic.  They also breed in the Southern Hemisphere of Australia, and New Zealand. 

Specific coasts, cliffs, and headlands where you can see the humpbacks more clearly are in the following areas of Sydney harbor:

  • CapeSolander
  • CapeBanks
  • Magic Point, Maroubra
  • Ben Buckler, Bondi
  • South Head Signal Station
  • North Head Lookout
  • Long Reef Point

When to Book

The humpbacks pass by Sydney waters for migration between April and December. So you have to make sure that you book this type of activity months before, since there are as a lot of interested guests who are keen to do the same thing. Sydney whale watching generally takes about 3 to 5 hours or until the whale is visible.  If the whales are shy during that time, the captain usually makes an effort to stretch out the schedule just to be able to witness a sighting.

Where to Book

Make sure you have already contacted on a trusted cruise company when booking for whale watching activity.  There are cruise companies offering their unique services to you. Take a minute to get to know things about the company through their websites.  Check out their staff if they have been experienced employees of this type of service to make for a complete and satisfying experience.

Whales are also unpredictable.  There may be times that you are blessed to see them in groups, and there are days that you don’t get to see any of them at all.  Make sure cruise agencies know how to counter such events as there are those that guarantee a free cruise for a sure sighting this time.

The biggest show on earth involves the friendly giants of the sea.  Whales are worthy to be praised, and they are now able to share their world to us.


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