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Getting the best deals from womens consignment shops

by KellyKate

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Women have embraced consignment shopping as a way of finding nice clothes at very good prices. Consignment shopping has in no small way been boosted by the economic pinch that most of us have experienced in the last few years. Consignment shopping works for everyone in a harsh economic climate. A lady can recover some of the money she spent on a dress she no longer wears by selling it through a womens consignment store. Another can then buy the same dress from the consignment store at a very good discount.


Many consignment stores have opened all over the states and there are also a good number of online boutiques as well. All of them operate along the same lines. Consignment boutiques give you a chance to fill your wardrobe with fine clothes without breaking the bank. To enjoy your shopping experience and find the most attractive deals, here are a few tips garnered from owners of these stores.


The first tip that consignment store owners would like to share is that if you find an item you like, buy it immediately. If you like a dress, you can be sure that someone else will also like it. If you therefore don't snap it up immediately, someone else will. Finding many attractive consignment dresses in a store is rather difficult. These dresses come from individuals and so when a certain dress is gone you never know how many months or years will pass before someone offers a similar dress. This is why you have to act fast when you see a dress that you really love.


Womens consignment boutiques sell clothes at discounted prices. This is however not to say that you can't negotiate a further discount. When you find a nice item on sale, always test the waters to see if the shop owner is open to negotiation. You never know – you might just get a few dollars off the selling price!


Consignment boutique owners agree on Monday as the best day to scout for consignment dresses, the reason being that many people clear their closets over the weekend; shop on Mondays therefore if you are in the hunt for good deals. In addition to shopping early in the week, try to shop early in the season. Many consignment boutiques release seasonal collections early in the season and you will find all the nice items gone if you take your time. If you want dresses for spring, begin scouting before spring takes hold and you will certainly find plenty of dresses.


When it comes to consignment shopping, it pays to look around several stores. You can browse several online boutiques from home as well. Each store is unique. It's impossible to find any two consignment stores offering similar dresses even if the stores belong to the same owner. It's thus a good idea to visit several stores and see what's on offer in all the stores. Don't forget the first tip though - that is, never leave a dress you really like because it might be gone by the time you return.


Finally, take a moment and inspect items before you buy them. You don't really expect consignment dresses to be in mint condition but still they should be decent enough to warrant you buying them. You can expect minor defects here and there but nothing major. You can even use the defects to ask for a discount!




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