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Use of Cost Efficient Magnesium Anodes for Marine Vessels

by seashieldmarine

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Seawater causes corrosion to marine vessels, maintenance costs of these vessels increase because they need to function corrosion free. Submerged structures and marine vessels widely make use of Magnesium Anodes for maximum protection, anodes are cost efficient and easy replaceable. Anodes are time bound and require replacement over a period; the protection provided in this tenure cannot be compared with any other corrosion-protecting device.

Anodes are available in different shapes and sizes, several brands focus on custom requirements for anodes. A custom design offers state-of-the-art protection features; it is specially designed to meet your requirements.

Features of Magnesium Anodes: 

1. Magnesium Anodes can be used in fresh and seawater without any problem. Submerged structures also come in their application area; standard design can accommodate itself easily. Barges, ships, tanks, dams, pilings and piers widely require such anodes for protection from corrosion.

2. Anodes are installed easily, bolt on or welding are two prime methods used for installation of anodes. The design and make of these anodes can come alive by installing them in prescribed manner.

3. Heat exchangers used in marine vessels corrode easily because of the temperature change and presence of salts. Curb this problem by use of anodes; install anodes at the hub of the heat exchanger for maximum protection.

4. Magnesium Anodes require replacement when they have reached 40% of their original size. You might have to check manually for size deterioration, size reduction happens because of presence of several salts and minerals.

5. Custom dimensions of anodes are available in ease, every anode manufactured is different from the rest, you have the customization options at your disposal to yield maximum output. A custom order will accurately match your requirements; the design will be mated with your marine vessel.

6. Anodes have less maintenance costs; they need replacement once they have used all their power. Apart from replacement costs, there are no other numbers related in their lifetime. Maintenance costs can therefore be termed as nil in their tenure of output.

7. Zinc Plates and anodes are manufactured by adhering to Military Specifications. Its durability and stability cannot be mapped since they are the preferred standards for manufacturing anti corrosion equipment.

8. Installation of zinc plates on hull of the ship will ensure smooth free operation. Expect these plates to last for months to come; it would keep the hull free from corrosion. Full customization is available for zinc plates, these plates make use of nut-bolt for easy functioning.

The above-mentioned features surely define the functioning of magnesium anodes. It is important for you to check the brand before purchasing anodes; a high-end anode will help in offering maximum protection from corrosion. Cost involved in anodes depends from brand to brand; you can negotiate the costs and ask for discounts if the purchase involves bulk quantities.

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