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Weekly Rants (Continued...)

by anonymous

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Last Week, on Weekly Rant...

Well I'm going to take a stab in the dark this week and a lot of women are going to hate me. Well, we'll narrow it down to a group of women, mothers in particular. Now before I have to read a week of hate mail, please just understand, I hate pointing fingers, but if i were to say, for example check out, frenchqueen01 or songbird1904 or mckenzie55 or SweetheartxMi, ok im not going to point fingers, but comon' why can't you be real. No one wants a mom who pushes her tits up to there neck, sh*t if I had a kid, I wouldn't want him looking at that! Mothers, whats with you these days. And the worst is, they'll have a profile, 'not looking for sex, or a father' be honest, are you a mother, putting up pics online of you in your underwear, tits hanging out, holding up alcohol licking dudes faces at a club. This isn't a journal, you cant erase the internet. Your kids going to grow up and your going to give them the great impression how online dating helped you find 'daddy' and there going to go online, and see a picture of you 10 years ago in one of these ads displayed on this site. Now I'm not going to point all moms are bad. I mean you have girls like this; MissBella1 , that are prolly never even going to make it to girlfriend status, let alone be able to have kids (not pointing fingers) but be honest to yourself. To your kids, to someone that you want to meet. Think about how you got kids in the first place. Here is an amazing profile I found of a true mother, great pictures, not going out looking like an idiot at a club leaving there kids at home with mom, grandma or whoever you found to watch them, just someone real, down to earth, knows what she has and is looking for, and puts out there who she is as a real person. check out; quad8084 , I don't know her, but as far as all the profiles I've seen lately, that's the only real mom I've happened to find. Good luck mom's and I wish you the best of luck on your new adventures. Until next week, Keep your skin covered!

Stay tuned for next weeks rant, "body type and pictures" ;)

--- Previously on, Weekly Rant ---
So, If I see another 'was snooky for Halloween picture, im sure im going to shoot myself-
Anyways, Hope everyone is good on there searching for this week. I've been a fishin' and still got no kissin'. I think these rants are killing my 'good gentleman vibe'. Deff not scoring any points that's for sure. So profiles.. I have to be honest, im really sick of the profiles and state 'I need a real man' or 'Im sick of bs' or 'My past has sucked, now i need something real' I mean I've ranted before about realness, and honestly you make what you want of your relationship. Weather or not it was good, geesh something had to happened between the BOTH OF YOU to make things bad. And then to say you were with that person for 3 years, have a kid and your just now moving on? Comon' be realistic. IT TAKES TWO DARLING! Relationships are a highway and a bike path. And for all you who dont understand metaphors, well, honestly I don't know what to tell you because I use them a lot.. But please, women, girls, sexy bi*ches, whatever you want to be called, PLEASE BUT SOMETHING WORTH WHILE IN YOUR PROFILE. PLEASE! I mean for eff-ucks sake, You get p.o'ed when you get creepers messaging you, but you put your tits in a push-up bra in ever picture, no profile, or one that states 'you like to have fun, im a family girl, and like to get dirty, haha, dont know what to put in here, message me' then you get one sentences messages that start off with referring to your tit size or doing something crazy in the bathtub. You bring in on yourself. So how about, follow the dam*n steps is shows above this box, State some hobbies... talk about yourself, goals... what makes you different than anyone else.. your taste in something.. - That was for all of you that may be color blind, or maybe cant see words in red.. hell if I know, but there you have it.. follow some of those suggestions and please help the creepers out and make you look like something different, rather than ever profile I seem to notice on here ;) Anyways, good luck on everyone's search, There is someone for everyone and yes, this site works, I swear by it, as I've known people to get married have kids and a life, all from meeting someone, yes.. you guessed it, on POF!

--- Previously on, Weekly Rant ---
Well I've been poking around this week and let me tell you, if I find another 'Country Girl' I'm going to have to say Michigan is the new Texas. Now I was born in Texas. Not anywhere in my profile does it say im a country guy. I live in the country now in Michigan, not once do I claim to be country. I need to know, why.. why does being a country type person affect what ones perception of themselves is? Does it make you feel more like a man (if your a man) and more of a... woMAN? (if your a woman?) I'm just totally lost on this. And where did one say, 'Hey if you like horses and dirt, and play in the mud, you must be country.' I haven't even heard a blue collar joke about it.. I have to be missing something here. Girls.. its really ok to be a girl.. honestly.. Coming from someone who is southern, born directly in Texas, its really ok! You don't have to like country music, roll in the mud to get my attention. And the sad thing is, these girls that are calling themselves country. Are like, either, a Teacher, a Nanny, or Something in the medical field. Now I don't really know what happens after work, if you go home take off your scrubs and throw on your cowboy hat and run around the house to my tracker's sexy in your bra and panties with a huge straw hat on, thinking about rolling in the mud with your man, but honestly... That was not my first thought.. not even like, my tenth. It actually took me like all of this rant to think of that.. So girls. Be a girl. It will attract men. I promise you. And to all you "Country Girls" that assume your 'real' country. More power to you, I hope you find your cowboy. Until next week, Be yourself and Something might become of it!! - Joseph.

((OOOOKKKKK!!! SO People who think im offended by country girls. DON'T BE SO JUDGMENTAL! Look My rants are just for pure animosity, I speculate and then reach out to speak whatever it is, that's on my mind at that moment. (Sorry, we have removed the filter between the brain and mouth) So please, PLEASE, be yourself and don't be afraid to consider yourself a country girl. Just don't be ridiculous about it ;) ))

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