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Hotels in dehradun

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Easy Accommodation At The Foothills Of Doon

Dehradun is always a beautiful city of India. The Himalayas has been the mother to this city. In the foothills of the Doon Valley, this city is situated. The aesthetic beauty of this city has been boosted by the Almighty as two most important rivers flow across this valley. The Ganga on the east and the Yamuna on the west. The city is always a tourist attraction because the scenic beauty attracts all and pleasant climate smoothens the chaos in the mind of a common mind. This city has been a neighbor to many holy cities of India. Dehradun is the capital city of the state Uttarakhand and it is obvious that there are a lot of accommodation facilities for the tourists. But a personal recommendation is always important. Here are a few names of the Hotels in Dehradun, which might make the critical process of searching for a hotel easier.


If you want to stay like a king that is very luxuriously then these hotels are apt for you. The 5 star Dehradun hotels are Madhuban Hotel which is a beautifully designed hotel with exclusive Suites and cottages which includes most modern facilities, modern design and decoration among calm and cool environment. All the rooms are extremely spacious and all necessary furniture is provided. They try their best to make you feel at home. This hotel has a private Golf club which the guests and the members can access. Next on the list is The Competent Palace Dehradun which has forty rooms comprising of 4 lavish suite, 3 suite, 5 exclusive rooms, and 28 normal rooms. Each and every room is beautifully decorated and has the modern facilities like Air conditioner, room service telephone, LCD, tea maker and many others.


Further is Hotel Great Value Dehradun. This hotel gives you absolute comfort and the environment for peacefully doing your business or living luxuriously. This hotel is one of the best Hotels in Dehradun. The hotel is about twenty years have always achieved the gold crown for accommodating guests with absolute hospitality. Next is Vishranti - a Doon Valley Resort Spa Dehradun. The pleasant cottages are created in the country theme. The cottages give you the show of a village cottage with sloping roofs and broad pathways where anyone can stand and enjoy the scenic beauty. The beautiful cottage also has a nearby farm where organic plantations are done beautiful flowers are also grown. This is the home of many beautiful birds which make your day with chirpings.


If you are little conscious about your pocket and want a budget hotel at Dehradun then here are the list of some. Firstly, The hotel Amrit Regency is an perfect place to unite trade with holiday for the whole family unit and you can also experience the conventional Indian generosity. Next is the hotel Atithi which is known for its fast and efficient service. They are always helpful and respond to all your demands. Some others are Hotel Himshri, Hotel Maggi Star, Hotel Prince and Hotel Sunrise.

Dehradoon hotels suites the requirement of any type of travelers and provide them the value of their money. Beside existing hotels in Dehradun there are more upcoming hotels in all the categories including five star and budgeted hotels.

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