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Steering Clear of the SNAD in Breckenridge Vacation Rentals

by exiebethel

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It's plausible to stumble on the acronym SNAD when you're gathering names of possible vacation rentals in Breckenridge to go to on your next holiday. The acronym was coined in a 2008 Wall Street Journal article about vacation rentals by journalist Sarah Nassauer. Short for "significantly not as described," it refers to something that's not what the images or testimonials suggested.

Visualize this: a snowy resort close to the hills where Norse culture is as teeming as a mug of beer. You've seen the photos, you've gone through the testimonials, and you've even had a couple of buddies of yours who have been there previously. When you arrive at your dream resort, you learn that it's not what you actually think. You don't see snow, you can't see the hills from where you are, and your pals have never been in that part of retreat area at all. That's SNAD.

This typically speaks of "I'm not buying it until I see it for myself." Obviously, it's more beneficial if you know what the area really looks like than merely seeing it on TV, the everyday, or even on the Web. However, this isn't like buying a home or a vehicle; you'll have to drive for miles to the backwoods and go back to report what you witnessed.

Recently, nevertheless, review sites including have become more stringent in screening reviews and critics. TripAdvisor's purchase of FlipKey makes it plausible to present comments of rental properties made just by folks who have been there. The system searches for reports of the email address of the reviewer to see whether or not he made a reservation for his holiday on the rental.

SNAD should not be a brier on your side when finding rentals and lodging in Breckenridge. Nothing beats visiting the site itself, but that's no reason to lose confidence in testimonials and other write-ups. It's inadequate to take the word of a single reviewer, whether or not he has really been there in the past. If there's a serious amount of favorable reviews online, there must be a large amount of interest for the rental concerned.

To avoid SNAD, you can see the place before your set getaway or seek individuals or buddies who have been in the place before. For the complete article, go to




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