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How a Los Angeles Hair Transplant Surgeon Can Reverse Hair

by paolabasilio

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More than 35 million men in the U.S are afflicted with balding, according to a research held by Relevant Research Inc. in 2012. Adding to that figure, as report also shows, are 21 million women who are suffering from varying levels of hair loss. Obviously, hair loss is a bigger concern for men, and baldness is something males can be very specific about.

Hair loss can be regarded as an indication of aging, yet many younger men in their teens or early 20s also experience this issue. An individual's self-confidence can quickly take a beating as a result of thinning hair, thereby altering social as well as career prospects. Thankfully, acquiring a hair transplant in Los Angeles can put a stop to the issue of hair loss.

Hair implant surgery is a cosmetic method that involves grafting and transferring sections of scalp with healthy hair to the affected areas. With reliable medical services around Los Angeles, the city is definitely the perfect place to get surgical hair transplantation. Possible clients can quickly get an authorized specialist capable of doing the operation.

Surgical hair transplantation fall under two procedures. The first technique is called strip harvesting, which consists of extracting a hair-filled area of the scalp and then grafting it over a hairless area. The other method is called follicular unit extraction (FUE), where individual roots are extracted and then surgically returned one by one into naked follicles.

Both operations are fairly complex and hard; in fact, problems such as hair shock (sudden thinning of the hair) are possible to occur if the operation is not performed properly. Clients must therefore just visit a certified specialist who has the requisite qualifications and competence to execute hair transplant procedure. Meanwhile, clients are assumed to do their part in maintaining their new hair; for example, doctors do not advise scratching or irritating the freshly implanted part until it has recovered completely.

Medications, lifestyle changes, and genetics can result in humiliating hair loss. The good news is that clients can turn to a certified Los Angeles hair transplant surgeon for help before it's too late. To read more about hair loss and its symptoms, check out

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